Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free, legal, MP3 downloads

I ran into this website while reading one of my regular journals, Astoria Oregon Rust.  Let me quote him, because I don't really understand all the wheres, hows, and wherewithals about it.

"Since then I been checking out that link because it offers downloads of works that have had their copy rights expire, meaning free downloads. If you are really into the old stuff you can obtains volumes of free stuff...."

"This site is also a resource for all sorts of stuff that is not copy right protected: art, books on tape, live music recordings, films, interviews and much more music. It also has stuff that artists want to share with the public for free. So no matter if you are into the really old stuff or the really new stuff, you can go there and download more music than you will ever have time to listen to."

As if I needed anything else to keep me at the computer.  There are several Grateful Dead concerts to download, just to give you a hint of what you might find. 

Anyway, you'll find the website HERE.

I like the old Carter Family songs, and I found them on the site.

Just type a singer or group into the search box and see if you find them.


dbaumgartner said...

The Internet Archive is a great site.  I actually use this site to store my podcasts.  It's amazing the stuff you find out there.


nanlynska said...

WOW !  Thanks Donna....I'm always on the look-out for music files ! I have about 1100 songs on my PC right now most of which I have downloaded from the internet and some I made from my own CDs etc. So this gives me a new source...thanks for sharing.

randlprysock said...

Thank you for sharing this Donna... my son loves to download music for his mp3 player.  Hugs,

mutualaide said...

Nice share.  Thank you!

luvmort said...

Cool beans!

suzypwr said...