Friday, September 28, 2007

I've been vacuuming

Yes indeedy, I've been keeping my Dyson vacuum busy.  Honestly, vacuuming is my new hobby; it's so much fun to empty that thing and watch it fill up again.  I'm serious!  As you can see above, I still take time out for a horseback ride in the bottoms from time to time.

Anyhow, there haven't been many journal entries, because I knew people wouldn't find it very interesting to see pictures of my Dyson, or read about how much it sucks. 

I had a conversation with the grandson last night; he stretched out on the couch with his head on a pillow, and I said, "If you go to sleep there, do you want me to wake you up?"  (He's been known to go to sleep on the couch at 5 P.M. and sleep there until morning.)

"No!  I'm not going to go to sleep on the couch today!  I don't know why I'm so sleepy all the time; I think something's wrong with me."

"Well, let's see," I said.  "It's 7:15 now.  You would have had to go to bed fifteen minutes ago in order to get eight hours of sleep tonight, because you have to get up at three o'clock in the morning to be at work by four."

"Really?"  He sat bolt upright and looked at the clock.

"Yep.  Two and two makes four." (I got that from Barney Fife on an old Andy Griffith Show I watched a couple days ago).  "And then there's the fact that you didn't go to bed at all, night before last; that sort of thing catches up with you eventually."

He confessed that he was in pursuit of female companionship that night.  "That could have added to his weariness," I thought to myself.  (Imagine me rolling my eyes here.)

"Dang, I was going to go to the doctor to see why I've been so tired," he said.

I should have told him to give me fifty bucks for an office call.  I saved him the cost of whatever prescription he'd have had to purchase, too.

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marainey1 said...

I just heard about a survey on sleep and they say we need at least 7 hours every night.  It even increases the possibility of heart problems if we don't get enough.  Most of us don't get that much.  They also said every hour of sleep over 8 also causes problems.  I usually get 6 and that is not enough.  I'm dragging by 10 in the morning lots of days.  Thanks for the reminder this morning.  I'm going to bed earlier for sure.  'On Ya' - ma

fowfies said...

I vacuum almost every day. I am just amazed at what gets picked up! Are we leaving that much dirt and hair behind us when we are walking around?? LOL Your ride out is beautiful..look at those fluffy white clouds against that blue sky. Just wonderful. Have a good weekend!

rollinghillsides said...

hahaha, gave me a good chuckle, thanks!  kids, whatdotheyknow, huh?  Judy

mutualaide said...

Oh good golly!  Grandmother's are the best.  The. Best.

deshelestraci said...

That's hilarious!  I was wondering where you were.  Never dreamed it would be vacuuming!

jawojnar said...

Ok, now back away from the vacuum...I wonder if there is vacuum anonomous out there somewhere, LOL. If you ever get tired of vacuuming your house, pack it up and come to mine! I love how you handled your grandson, I remember the days when I needed someone to explain "life" to me too. Don't forget to get his co-pay for the doctor visit atleast. Have a great weekend.

magran42 said...

I'm dealing with a grandson too.  It always surprises me when they don't "know" as much as I think they should.  But if you think about it......they haven't had all the years of pain for gain that we have.  Good to see the river bottoms again.

bnanajm said...

Don't feel like a loner dear Mosie.  I too am a vacaholic.  I love my Dyson and even the cats are getting used to it.  I'm so glad I got it.

Glad you love yours.


csandhollow said...

LOL He forgot he has to bed early for early shift.

plieck30 said...

Yep sometime we just have to 'splain it to our young people. I met a vacuum like your's in person one day recently. Wished I needed one. Paula

randlprysock said...

I forget to sleep too.... Hugs,

tendernoggle said...


lorinokla said...

good riding photos!!!!!

lol, Im laughing over your doctorly advice to your grandson :) I envy his youth!

suzypwr said...

Nice pictures. I guess I should be crashed out on the sofa due to lack of sleep too!

luvmort said...

Okay, first things first.  You talk about vacuuming and then you have a photo of the great outdoors.  
At least you are leaving Mother Nature's work to herself.  

Second, leave grandkid alone!  Hormones and such!