Saturday, September 29, 2007

motorcycle ride

I asked Cliff this morning what was on his agenda.

"Nothing," he said.  "We'd go for a bike ride, but we went for one yesterday."

"So is there a law against riding two days in a row?"

"I guess not.  Where do you want to go?"

"Oh, someplace with some sort of little museum or place of interest, so we'd have a destination in mind.  Maybe we could go to Sedalia and visit your cousin Kenneth."

Cliff didn't sound real thrilled with the prospect, but it was as good as anything he could come up with.  He went out to get the motorcycle ready and I googled up some places of interest around Sedalia.

I found websites for the Bothwell mansion and a historic depot-turned-museum.

When we're riding the motorcycle, we avoid freeways like the plague.  We take the lettered county roads as much as possible, which sometimes gets us lost.  But on a motorcycle, getting lost is an adventure.  Twice today our blacktop county roads turned to gravel and we had to backtrack; touring bikes don't do well on gravel.

We took our usual picnic lunch of sardines and crackers, plus a cantaloupe for dessert.  Cliff used his pocketknife to cut it; we spooned the seeds out, and we each ate half.

I'll do other entries about the interesting places we visited at Sedalia.  Otherwise this entry could get far too long.

By the way, we never did find out where Kenneth lives, and got lost hunting for him.  It was great fun!


exptmircle said...

Hi...great post.  the road signs reminded me of when I was in the country at my Mom's place.  City girl here but I loved that year in the country.  When you wrote that they were combining the corn stalks I wondered what exactly that is?  If anyone around here grows corn it is usually only 10 or 20 stalks so we just pull them up and throw them in the yard waste can that the City's sanatation department picks up. There must be some use for it other than Thanksgiving decor.  
Linda in So. Calif.

geocachelinda66 said...

First time I've ever seen lettered roads!  Linda

madcobug said...

It's been so dry around here I think the corn fields didn't make it. That's what you and Cliff need, a motor home when he retires. Helen

bnanajm said...

I love to 'go on rides' with you guys.  Keep it up.

magran42 said...

Oh, I ran out of pictures before I wanted to!  I loved the trip...can't wait to see more.  The road "letters" were interesting.  We don't have those here.

mutualaide said...

Great pictures ... and very interesting little history!  Glad you had fun.

suzypwr said...

It sounds like a nice day trip!


luvmort said...

Cool beans!