Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My son's 9/11 opinion

I've read people's 9/11 entries all day long; I posted my own, over at blogger.

But my son, who served time in Iraq the first time, managed to put my feelings right in there with his own.

This mamma didn't raise no fools.

How pathetic is it that I'm thinking about voting for a TV star from Law and Order in the upcoming election?



tendernoggle said...

Mosie...your son hit the nail on it's head didn't he?
love ya,

mutualaide said...

Your son is a smart young man.  With a very smart mother.  I pay tribute each year to those who lost their lives ... and I don't blame our politicians entirely for a loss of the top spot.  We all need to speak up and be bold.  We all need to live our lives pre-9/11 'style'.  The world for us will never be the same, but we must continue to control what we can of our own corners of the world.

randlprysock said...

He wrote an excellent entry!  Thanks for sharing!!!  You have a family of great writers!

fowfies said...

He hit the nail on the head. He said what so many folks want to say but dont. Good for him...that was a great in your face entry, I loved it. He tells it like it is!