Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the road again!

FINALLY we got to go for a decent little ride on our classic Gold Wing.  We wore our leathers, since it was about sixty degrees when we started.  Did we have a destination?  You bet!

We went to a motorcycle junk yard on 50 highway.  Cliff was in search of an affordable driver backrest for our bike, since new ones cost $250 and up.

As luck would have it, there was one available!  The right year and all.

The cost?  $47.50 with tax.  I'm pretty sure if it doesn't work out (we're not sure if there's room for it, with me riding along all the time) that we can get our money back on Ebay or Craigslist.

We were glad to see such a well-equipped motorcycle junk yard; when you own a "classic" (in other words, old as the hills) Gold Wing, you don't want to have to buy new parts for it; you'd soon have a fortune tied up in something that just isn't worth that much.

We both agree the ride on this oldie is as smooth as on our 1500.  Obviously it doesn't have as much power (1100 cc's instead of 1500).  Cliff is plenty comfy on it; I don't have the easy-chair comfort I did before, but it isn't a bad ride.

The ride home was lovely, and we're both glad to have a motorcycle at our disposal again.


ktkamanski said...

Happy Trails To You! Hope your enjoying your day ~ sounds as though you are so far! Have fun,

marainey1 said...

Glad you all got out and enjoyed the day.  I've been working, and will enjoy my ride home when I get to go.  'On Ya' - ma

mutualaide said...

Oh it's so nice you are back on the road again.  :)

pixiedustnme said...

looks like a great day!

dvscommercial said...

Hip, Hip, Hoorah!  I can hear the rush of the wind already!  So glad we're back on the road!  Loved the "indoor junk yard".

suzypwr said...

How nice that you can get the parts and repair the bike yourselves! Somehow it makes it more "yours" to do your own work, doesn't it?


fowfies said...

I am glad for y'all that you have a new bike. I know it was something the two of you did together and soon as the old one was gone y'all missed riding together. Looks like the beginning of a long stretch of enjoyment for both of you. :)