Friday, September 7, 2007

changing providers

A couple weeks ago, I was having connection problems.  Since I have DSL, I called tech support.  The man had me try first one thing, then another, and finally decided to send the telephone man out.

He found several problems with the telephone lines, tinkered with them for an hour or so, and told me that should help.

It didn't.  So I called the techs again, and Embarq sent me a new modem.  Which never entirely fixed the problem, but at least I only lost connection once or twice a day.  Until yesterday evening, when I couldn't get online for over thirty seconds at a time.  Same thing this morning.

I called the tech line again, and got a nice lady this time.  She had me do all the stuff they always ask of me (check telephones for filters, reboot the modem, etc.).  She got over a dozen error messages while we were on the line together, and said there is definitely a problem with the lines.  She set me up with a the telephone repairman (again) for this afternoon. 

Since I couldn't access the Internet, I turned off my computer.  Came back in here, a few minutes ago, turned it on, and, lo and behold, I have Internet again... for now.

Tuesday I'm going back to cable Internet.  The heck with Embarq's package deal!  I'm sticking with my DishTV, though:  Cable TV reception, here in the boonies, is awful.

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mutualaide said...

Sometimes techology is such a thrash!  

fowfies said...

I feel your pain, and then some. We have nothing offered out here where I am except dial up. No DSL. Now we could get HughesNet for a gazillion dollars...but Ian is not ready to spend that kind of money, yet. Labor Day I couldnt stay on for more than thirty seconds or so either. If we ever do get DSL offered out here, you better believe I will get it. Dial up is torture. Glad you got your fixed, as you say though....for now.

luvmort said...

Sounds like fun!  

helmswondermom said...

I hope you don't have any more problems before you're able to switch back.

suzypwr said...

This is too funny! I am in the process if ditching cable as fast as I can and changing to DSL!

Sometimes rebooting the computer and the modem (plus the router, if you are wireless) does solve some odd problems. I have had major connection issues lately - I get a different answer from each "highly trained professional technician."

Good luck!


csandhollow said...

Turning computer off fixes a lot of things.