Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rest in peace

I attended the funeral of a cousin, Cecil Wayne, today.  I can't say I knew much about him or ever really knew him well.  I graduated with his sister, and she's the one I know best in their family (the 1944 baby girl on the left mentioned in THIS ENTRY, and the third from the right in the picture in THIS ENTRY.

But when I got the call that Cecil had a heart attack and had passed on after a couple of weeks on life support, I searched my soul for memories of him.

He was the only boy in the family, with two sisters older, and two younger.  As a kid, I always got the feeling that those girls really loved and doted on their only brother.  I can't say how I got that impression, it was just there.

The other thing I recall is that my daddy, who loved boxing with a passion, was extremely proud to have a nephew in Golden Gloves, and he told anyone who would listen about his brother's boy.

In all my mom's picture albums, I don't think I've seen any pictures of Cecil Wayne.  So today at the funeral home, I took some digital shots of photos they had on display.

That's Cecil with two of his sisters.

This is the Cecil Wayne of my childhood; this is the face I recall best.

And the next pictures are the Cecil Wayne that my dad was so proud of.

Death has taken other cousins, but this is the first one to die of what I'd call an age-related problem.

My generation's march toward the grave has begun.  But of course, it started the day we were born.  We just didn't know it until recently.


hestiahomeschool said...

I have cousins that I have fallen out of contact with..I wish I knew how to get in touch with them

lanurseprn said...

It's scary when we realize we are the next generation to go.  That was one of the things that hit me when both of my parents died.
I'm sorry you lost your cousin. He was a nice looking man.

mutualaide said...

May he rest in peace.  I enjoyed seeing the photos Donna.

Odd that you mention having to search your memory bank, because I think we all have to do that from time to time.  I have two cousins on my father's side of the family that I make a point to keep in touch with.  We get along well, we like each other and it helps to keep that connection.   Like Cecil's sister with you.

sugarsweet056 said...

TY for sharing your pics & memories. {{}}
May he R.I.P., prayers for his family & friends.
God bless,

cnstarsbabee said...

My condolemces to you and your family for the loss of your cousin...I love to look at old pictures, I dig out the ones of my parents and their parents as children, and just stare for hours at every detail. It just makes me want to jump right in the photo and get to know these people who look like strangers in the pics...Sorry for your loss....

bnanajm said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss.  I too lost a cousin this past week.  Thankfully, I saw her last year when I went 'home' for my high school reunion.  No matter how long we are away, it is always good to reunite with family.

marainey1 said...

We need to celebrate the days as we get them that's for sure.  'On Ya' - ma

plieck30 said...

Sorry for your loss. My three favorite boy cousins all died young and I miss them. Paula

suzypwr said...

I am sorry for your loss. I had a cousin named Cecil who lived in the south, but have lost all connections with that part of my dad's family. It's hard to watch one's cousins start to age, isn't it? We realize we are part of that group, therefore....ouch.


luvmort said...

So sorry to hear about your loss.  

It's odd, though.  My mother lost her first friend when she was fifty.  I had already lost over forty people that I knew and loved by then.  Perspective is everything.