Saturday, September 8, 2007

The polls are still open

I'm thoroughly enjoying the voting on my motorcycle poll.  When I awoke this morning, "No motorcycle at all" was in the lead.  However, I just checked and there had been another vote, which brought the cheapest option (next to not buying one at all) to the forefront.

Of course you realize Cliff and I will do whatever we're going to do.  But I've had a blast collecting your opinions!

And what do I think about the options mentioned in the poll? 

My heart is with Goldie, the immaculate Gold Wing in Lexington.  She's lovely.  Looks as good as the day she came out of the factory.  Has extras that I didn't even know Honda put on Gold Wings back then, like cruise control.  And Goldie is locally famous, so we'd be carrying on a legend.  She's, you know, a lady with a past.  The down side is that she hasn't been ridden much lately.  Sometimes, when a vehicle has been idle for too long and then suddenly starts getting some action, several things break down at once.  This happened with our old 1988 Ford pickup that the grandson was going to buy at one time; he started driving it, it tried its best to fall apart (I'll grant you the fact that 21-year-old guys aren't the gentlest road-testers).  Oh, and Goldie has the same tires on her as when Louie purchased her several years ago.  The cost of new tires for a motorcycle?  Over $400.

My brain says get the cheapest Gold Wing, which has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb and should be ready to ride.   Less money invested in something that's basically a toy.

The caring wife part of me says Cliff would be happier with the 1998 motorcycle his cousin is selling.

If you haven't voted, then please do HERE.  No fair voting twice, though!  The poll seems to be loading fine now.


redpoppy007 said...

I would get what he wants or you will never hear the end of it.
And enjoy your rides..i am sorry about the air conditioning, I just thought with the heat wave it would be easier on the both of you.
It has been so hot here, it will almost make one ill.
I don't blame you.. I would get a new house too.

mutualaide said...

I vote for FUN!

suzypwr said...

Just making the decision amongst your choices is a lot of fun for you :-)