Friday, September 7, 2007

About my poll

I realize lots of you couldn't get the poll to load, so you were unable to vote.   I get an error message about half the time, myself.

I may not have made clear the fact that all the motorcycles in the survey are Honda Gold Wings; that's the only kind old folks like us can ride in comfort.

So far, Goldie is ahead in the poll:  that's the 1986 model in Lexington that's in show-room condition.

I should point out that these machines hold their value remarkably well, as evidenced by the fact that we paid $8,500 for our 1996 GW, rode it for almost two years, and sold it for the same price.

Also, in case you wondered, a new one with no extras is around $18,000.  We won't be buying a new one.  We may not buy another motorcycle at all.  What we do plan to do is bring Cliff's cousin's 1998 model up here and see if we can sell it for him.  And we'll ride it until it sells (he told us to do that). 

When we go to the Ozarks to pick it up, we'll be driving by HERE and checking out the 1981 Gold Wing, offered for $2,895.

For the lady who suggested we get central air and a heat pump instead of a motorcycle:  First we'd have to put a whole new foundation under the house, rewire it, and do about a half-million dollars worth of restoring.  No thanks.  We plan to have different living quarters in a couple of years, one way or another.  If Cliff is still able to keep up with 43 acres, we'll build something here.  If he isn't, we'll sell this whole shebang and move.


marainey1 said...

It's all about priorities.  What you put at the top of the list is what is important !
'On Ya' - ma

lorinokla said...

move? what about Blue?!?!?!!

if you EVER decide to sell him, which would be WRONG on your behalf, please please tell me first, I would love to buy him. I am dead serious about that.

anyhow, I think if y'all want to ride, ride away! You do have the best choice in bikes out there. Goldwings are the best to ride.

When we sold our place over 1 year ago and bought this new one on more acreage, it was because of the fact that even tho our old place was nearly paid off, it needed so much remodeling and work, we would have gone into debt $30,000. We paid over twice that and got a new modular AND 30 acres.

remodeling and fixing up isnt always the right answer.

amy122389 said...

a move in your future?!  Now THAT'S exciting!!!!  I don't envy you one bit, but it's still exciting.  LOL  


lanurseprn said...

When you move, what will you do with all of your animals? We all know what will happen to Meatloaf....but the others?

ora4uk said...

Oh I think a new motorcycle for you guys is a good have such good time on it...and I so enjoy reading about your adventures LOLOL...and well if the cousin's bike doesn't sell right away....????  LOL...Hugs...Ora of KY

suzypwr said...

Not that I think you want to give up your babies, but it sounds like you have potential homes for all of them :-)