Monday, December 25, 2006

New Year's Resolution #1

Anyone who owns horses needs to know how to tie a bowline knot.  I've learned it before, then quit using for so long, I forgot it.  Since I own two horses, I should get enough practice to commit it to memory again.

I found instructions HERE.

Wish me luck.


gaboatman said...

Good luck on learning the bowline.  I use this knot regularly in my work.  Like most things, its easy once you've learned it.  It really is one of the world's greatest knots.

ksquester said...

I love that demonstration Mo.    Anne

toonguykc said...

Sounds like a good thing to practice while you are inside on a cold day....minding the health of your knees.


csandhollow said...

I usually use a quick release knot or a breakaway.

rebuketheworld said...

Hey, I always wanted to know how to do