Tuesday, December 12, 2006

telephone questions

We need a new telephone.  Oh, the one we have here in the house works just fine, and it really doesn't get a lot of use, since I'm not one to talk on the phone.  But I lost the book of instructions that came with it, and I don't recall how to take people off, or add them too, the saved numbers:  consequently, about a third of the automatic-dial-number folks are dead, and the rest have long-since divorced, and changed phone numbers and locations.  Out of seven numbers, only one is still correct.  Another problem with it is that a couple of the number keys are sticky, so if you don't push them really hard, they don't register.  Cliff is deaf in one ear and can't listen for the "beep" with each key-punch; consequently, most of his efforts to dial anybody result in his loudly questioning the telephone's mother's morals, followed by my saying, "Here, let me dial it."

This one is a corded phone.  Because we sometimes have ice storms in Missouri that leave us without electricity, corded is nice:  You can still use them, power or no power.

But since we have cell phones now, that's no longer an issue.

So, I think we'll go cordless this time around.  We do like having a digital answering machine, so that has to be included.  Here's what stumps me:  What is the difference in 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz?  I've found a nice, cheap phone with everything I need at Circuit City online (click HERE); it has great customer reviews.  But it's 2.4 GHz.  What's a GHz anyhow?  (Don't answer that part of the question, I really don't care.)

Speaking of phones, we have trouble using cell phones in the house, I guess because of our metal roof.  I wonder if an antenna would help?  I googled a bit and found out there is such a thing for cell phones.

How about it, dear readers?  Any telephone advice for us?


csandhollow said...

The metal roof might have something to do with the reception.
Here is info from AT&T
Home > Residential
Cordless Phone Buying GuideLooking for a new cordless phone can be a little overwhelming. Do you need a 5.8 GHz cordless phone or will 2.4 GHz be sufficient? Should you go digital or stay with analog? The right phone can help you catch important calls, ensure privacy, and even manage a busy household. With the growing number of expandable models that enable you to add accessory handsets to your existing base station using only one phone jack, you can create a multi-handset phone system within your home. We've created a quick summary of the two main choices you will face and outlined four key features you may want to consider for clearer and easier communication.

What's the difference between 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz?

2.4 GHz
The majority of phones on the market today operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency. This higher frequency provides better performance and sound quality than 900 MHz models. With more models to choose from, you'll also find more available features, including integrated speakerphones and support for multiple handsets. One thing to keep in mind is that other electronic gadgets, from baby monitors to wireless networking gear, increasingly use the 2.4 GHz band and may cause interference. If you use these items in your home, consider purchasing a 5.8 GHz phone.

5.8 GHz
5.8 GHz phones offer the latest in cordless telephone technology with the best clarity, range and possibly security. The biggest advantage to a 5.8 GHz phone is that its frequency band is less trafficked than the 2.4 GHz band, resulting in less interference. The chips that generate the 5.8 GHz signal are more expensive to manufacture, so expect to pay a bit more.

cyandfayedavis said...

My level of envy just increases.  I didn't realize you had a metal roof.  I have racked my brain trying to think of a way to have some sort of tin placed near my bedroom window (without looking completely nutty) so I can hear the rain on it.  I know the metal is hot in the summer but thats what shade trees are for.  Oh how I miss the sound of rain on a tin roof.

randlprysock said...

I agree... phones are like one of the most difficult technological possessions we have and they drive me bonkers too.  We have one that works good, a second one that is okay but kinda hollow so it doesn't please most who use it, and a few with cords we rarely answer as they tie us to a wall...  and a host of back up phones and cords that all have issues.  LOL.  Hugs,

nanlynska said...

Donna.....Our computer 'guru' son in law had told us once, that the 2.4ghz might cause some problems for the computer etc. and it would be a good idea to go with the 5.8ghz instead. So that's what we did and we have had no issues of interference from either one. TECHNOLOGY ! Go figure !!  LOL

schoolgal040 said...

My in-laws also have both a corded and cordless phone in Bland, MO just like you. Whatever you do, don't buy a VTech phones. Awful!! That's what we have now and I think Bob paid almost a $100 for the set. A waste.....lol. I'm going back to the old reliable and reasonable priced Panasonics, but will wait for the after Christmas sales.

fmchan5921 said...

Mo:  I would get a 5.8 - better clarity.  I also have learned the hard way that a phone that has spread spectrum feature is the best.  Never have had a problem with interference of any kind.

fierrorachel said...

Let me be the first (and probably only) one to say this:  "IT'S ABOUT TIME!"  There, all better now.