Sunday, December 17, 2006

of horses, saddles, and tractors

I need a saddle for Libby.  I won't be riding her until April, if then.  But I want her to be getting used to the feel of a saddle on her back when I'm ponying her.  So, my Grandson, Arick, took me to a horse action.

I hoped to pick up some old, no-name saddle for under $100, but alas, the cheapest one sold for $165 or thereabouts.  Except for English saddles, which brought around $40.  But I like having a saddle horn to grab onto, if the going gets rough.  So I passed on those.

I came home, looked on Ebay, and found out I can get a saddle for under $75, shipping and all... brand new.  These are cheaply-made saddles, to be sure, mostly made in India.  But since my main purpose for it will be to get Libby used to the feel, what does it matter?  And who knows, I might actually end up loving the saddle.  I found a seller with great feedback, and I have my bid in on a saddle.  The auction ends in a couple of hours.

We shall see.

In a recent entry I told about our acquiring a tractor that needed repair; the transmission wasn't working.  Well, Cliff weighed his options and decided that, since he didn't need the tractor, and he really wasn't in the mood to put a lot of time and money into it, he'd put it on Ebay.  It sold with no problem, and the fellow from St. Louis who bought it came yesterday to get it, with cash in hand.

Not a bad weekend so far.


marainey1 said...

E-Bay has become a wonderful way to shop and sell for sure !  I haven't tried it yet , but could sell lots of old 'stuff' around here and no one would miss it.  Hope the rest of your week-end goes as well !  'On Ya' - ma

lanurseprn said...

Good luck with the auction.  I hope you win and it's a good saddle.

astaryth said...

When I used to work with a lot of young horses, we actually had a 'first' saddle. It was heavier than our normal saddles so they could get used to weight without us in the saddle at first. It was old, we didn't care if they did something horrible to it, we had added all kinds of hooks and things so we could hang stuff off the saddle, add weight to it, run a set of side reins..... and the thing was ugly! But, the girl next door got a filly this year and I am now missing that old saddle <LOL>

I think I am almost as excited about the stuff you are doing with Libby as you are. It has been years since I started a young horse, but I remember how proud it makes you when they get thru each step and learn to be the horse you know is inside there!

schoolgal040 said...

Hi Donna,
I'm crossing my fingers you win the auction for the saddle. I've ridden on both English and Western saddles and much prefer the "horn" too.....LOL For me, a western saddle is more comfortable too. The saddle can be a little bulky, sometimes a pain in the neck and for some takes a little getting use to but it's a much better choice.
How is your weather? My in-laws are here from MO until end of January and are happy they're missing all the cold :).
Have a great Sunday,

msecz said...

wow you have been busy... I hope you get that saddle and its the perfect one too... Sandra

hestiahomeschool said...

We bought our last saddle on ebay, and it is a real beauty, one that probably was about 1500 new we got for $400....custom made for Arabian backs...

magran42 said...

Doesn't it just amaze you that when there is a need, there is a provision?  It shouldn't amaze us but it still does!