Friday, December 15, 2006

fun day

As we were taking our morning walk in the pasture, Cliff decided we ought to go for a motorcycle ride, since the forecast was for temperatures near 60.   Sounded fine to me, just so we're home in time for the girls to get out of school.

But Cliff came inside at 9 AM, ready to ride, telling me he'd started the Honda.  The temperature was barely above forty degrees, and I was less than enthusiastic; but hey, I'm game for a ride almost any time.  I put on three sweatshirts, and pulled a pair of sweatpants over my jeans... then my leathers.  I could barely move, but by george, I wasn't going to freeze!

Cliff sold his chaps because, since his weight loss, they were much too big.  He's going to take mine as soon as I get the smaller ones I ordered from Ebay.  But for today, he had no chaps.  He wore coveralls, and soon admitted it was really too cold to be out on a motorcycle.  We went to a place across the river that Cliff loves, Scotts Bargain Barn.  There isn't a thing in there that interests me, but he can spend hours looking at nuts, bolts, and other assorted boring things.  I was prepared:  I had my Readers' Digest with me, and sat outside in the sun reading while he had a blast shopping.

This afternoon I ponied Libby for the longest time yet, and she did the best she's ever done.  At first she kept laying back her ears and threatening to bite Blue's shoulder or my leg,  but as soon as I'd make the "wrong answer" buzzer sound, she'd stop.  After the first five minutes she started behaving and stayed right at Blue's shoulder, where she's supposed to be when I lead her.

After that session, which lasted probably forty-five minutes, I groomed her and led her around the yard.  The local Walking Horse breeder and trainer drove by, rolled down his window, and yelled, "Hey, where'd you get that mule?  I'll give you a hundred dollars for her if she's got papers."

Ha ha.  So funny I forgot to laugh, as my kids used to say.

Anyway, it's been a good day.

By the way, the temperature never did get much over fifty.


madcobug said...

Sounds as if it was pretty cold this morning. Libby is coming right along and I know you are proud of her accomplishments. Ha ha on the local horse breeder and trainer trying to be funny. It is 65ยบ here now and was suppose to get 73 today but I didn't check in the warmest part of the day. Patches has been outside most of the day watching for and chasing those squirrels LOL. Helen

lanurseprn said...

Sounds like Libby is doing so well.  She sure is pretty!  Hope you have a good evening.

marainey1 said...

It was supposed to be over 50 here too, but this afternoon it got chilly and we're suppsed to be down in the 30's tonight.  I thing that that horse trainer guy is jealous of your nice horse . 'On Ya' - ma

csandhollow said...

We are hoping for a ride tomorrow. Libby is doing great and so are you. Pooey on that busybody

fierrorachel said...

To HECK with that MOOCH!  I swear, every time he comments, I get so mad I could....never mind.  Glad she's doing well.

deshelestraci said...

Sounds like a fun day despite the temps!  I was going to tell you that I have two journals, one on aol and one on blogger.  What I do instead of posting different things on each blog (different blog, different readership) is I write my entry on aol and then after I save it, I copy and then paste it into my blogger account.  Saves a bit of time and saves writing twice.

magran42 said...

There's a store here we frequent...Agri-Supply.  It fits the description you gave of Scotts Bargain barn.