Thursday, December 14, 2006

One year ago today

On this date in 2005, right smack in the middle of our yearly holiday binge, Cliff and I decided we had to do something about our weight (click HERE to read about that decision):  I weighed in at 188, Cliff was 277.  We'd done it before and we'd do it again... hopefully for the last time. 

Now, we really don't "diet" in the traditional sense, because we allow ourselves to have any food we want, in moderation, except that I limit fats drastically here at home.  I try to dwell on what we should have, rather than what we shouldn't.  For instance, if I realize I've only had three servings of fruits, I'll grab an apple.  If I'm low on vegetable intake for the day, a carrot or a stalk of celery is taken, like medicine.  We totally ban second helpings.  I weigh portions of meat and fish, and I measure our cereal; it took the granddaughters awhile to get used to such strange behavior.   One cup of Cheerios looks pretty pathetic, until you slice a banana in with it.

That's the course on which we embarked.

We started walking again every day, but only a half-hour, as opposed to an hour in the past.  An hour takes a huge toll on Cliff's at-home hours, causing resentment on his part; and I knew my knees wouldn't like an hour of wear-and-tear.  So we figured we'd use moderation in our exercising and be less likely to drop out.

Little did we know, that day, that Cliff was already having heart problems, and that in April he'd have his chest opened wide for major reconstruction.

But after that surgery, the heart doctor told us, "You're already doing the right things; just keep doing them."

It's amazing how things work out.

Today Cliff weighs 213 pounds, and I weigh 148.  We've lost enough weight between us to make a whole other person.

Timing is everything, and I give glory to God on that score.  We started eating properly and exercising at a critical time, before we even knew there was a problem.  A friend came to visit and told us Cliff's "heartburn" might be something more serious, so we made an appointment with our doctor, just in case.

Wow, what a year it has been... and yet, one of the best years of our lives!


gaboatman said...

You were so fortunate to embark on the healthy habits even before Cliff's operation. That was just one less thing you both had to deal with during the time of shock and recovery.  I'm glad you are still on that path.  Paulette and I both need to follow your example.  Thank goodness for the friend recomending you get Cliff checked out.  

cyandfayedavis said...

AMAZING is a word I use often as I look at the tangled web of our lives.  Yes, yes, yes you have been blessed.

lmitc89854 said...

God loves you and this is proof!

lanurseprn said...

That was more than coincidence.  God was watching you both, Mosie.  You know that.

ickivic said...

That's amazing, you're an inspiration   Vicki

madcobug said...

I remember when you went on that diet right at Christmas. You two have come a long way. Congrats to you both. Helen

tpiez4me said...

Wow that is awesome!  I need to follow your "diet" myself, watch what I eat and exercise more.  Keep making that resolution each year, but.................

bnanajm said...

AMEN and thank you Lord.


hestiahomeschool said...

What an inspiration. I am having some serious health issues right now (that is why I have not been journaling as much and am behind in reading all those journals.)  I will need to make some changes in my diet. I love butter...sigh...lots of butter.