Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Longtime Internet friends

Because of the recent, very serious illness of my friend Lona, I've been thinking a lot about all the friends I've met online.  Lona, by the way, finally got to go home for good the week before Christmas.  She mentioned in a chat room this morning that she hasn't been shopping since September, when she first got sick.  That's a long time to be indisposed.

Lona was one of the first Internet friends I met in person.

Some of my old chat room buddies, I haven't met face to face; and yet I feel I know them quite well.

I started out in an AOL Christian senior chat room, although I wasn't sure I qualified as "senior" (I was 54).  It wasn't as crazy as most chat rooms I had briefly checked out, and I gradually became comfortable carrying on typed conversations with strangers.  Only they didn't feel like strangers for long.

Because it was a "senior" chat, most of the people were in my age group and older.  Thinking back, I realize how many of them have died.

But there was one younger lady who chatted with us regularly.  Her name was Lori, and she's about the age of my daughter.  She had one little boy, Danny, and kept us informed of his antics, and cute things he said.

I remember her being asked sometimes, "Wouldn't you rather hang out with people your own age?"

She continued to "hang out" with us anyhow.

Most of us adopted her as our own.  We went through a very moody pregnancy with her, then Becca was born and Lori was back to normal.

I've been seeing pictures of Lori and her family forever, it seems.  And hearing her kids' voices, too, because she used to make sound wavs of them and send to us.  We'd even play some of them in the chat room.

Next she had Mikey, after a not-so-moody pregnancy.  And recently, baby Aaron.

Yesterday she sent me a video (no easy process, since she's on dial-up) of twelve-year-old Danny playing a keyboard, with Mikey toddling around him.  It was amazing, seeing those kids who live in Louisiana come to life before my eyes.

I'm just musing here, thinking how much the Internet has expanded my world and let me get to know so many unique people.  Indeed, it has enriched my life.  Thanks Lori, for keeping babies in my world.


lahdee said...

You're welcome!  Thanks!  I love sharing the pics. :D

marainey1 said...

I agree that our world is expanded by the internet.  I wouldn't be able to keep up on what my grand'babes ' are doing or look like if it weren't for the internet and the sharing of pictures.  20 years ago it would have been unbelieveable.  'On Ya' - ma

schoolgal040 said...

It really is amazing how many friends you make here on AOL and the Internet. They become like family, at least to me. Sonya, over at My Southern Home was the very first person I made friends with and she is the one that convinced me to start my journal. I'm so glad she did!
I'm glad to hear your friend is doing well and is now at home :)
Have a great day!

csandhollow said...

Like you I am not "old enough" for the senior chat room but it is the only one I am comfortable in.

lanurseprn said...

You are so right Mosie...about it expanding our world.  How else could I go on a ride with you and Blue?  Or watch you train Libby.  I feel like I already know you....and I don't "know" you.  I actually had a dream about you the other night.  I dreamt I was on a horse next to you (it wasn't Libby), and you were on Blue. We were riding in your pasture.  Then, we came up to Cliff.  He was on a tractor.  He said "Hi Pam!" just like he knows me.  Funny, huh?
Hope you have a good night.

rollinghillsides said...

I was about to comment about how much I enjoy going 'riding' with you and Blue, and training sweet Libby .. then I read Pam's comment ... 'ditto' for me, what she said (except for the dream, lol).   You know I've commented before about how I live vicariously through your wonderful daily entries.  Thank you for each and every one of them.   (I've never tried out the 'chat room' scene, maybe one day I shall).    Judy

ora4uk said...

For many the "online chat room scene" was new and awesome...and yes a bit scarey....but oh the joys we reaped after giving it a real go.....right???  Happy New Year hugs from KY....Ora

toonguykc said...

I'm glad your world expanded out in my direction, D.  Without the Internet I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people.  You included (in case that wasn't already implied clearly enough).  ;)


mutualaide said...

I've never 'done' chat rooms, but journals accomplished the same thing for me.  I think back to how my life has changed over the last three years and of all the really nice and great folks I've met here in journals --- I am grateful every day for the on-line friendships and the friendships that have expanded too!