Friday, December 8, 2006

How about a little good news?

I visited an orthopedist today to see what he thought about my knees.  They've been bothering me somewhat more, lately.  I get more knock-kneed all the time, and there's a point at which knock-knees can get so bad as to make knee replacement surgery difficult.  This was really the main reason I wanted a doctor's opinion, since it has been two years since I've had x-rays.

I do have pain, but it isn't crippling or unbearable pain.   My knees don't hurt  me during the night, or disturb my sleep.

X-rays were taken.  Doctor said I have a long way to go before I'm so knock-kneed that it would be a concern.

I mentioned to him that I take a half-hour walk every day, and he advised that I stop doing that; it's just causing more wear and tear on the joints, which in some places are bone on bone.

Then Cliff began telling him how he and I have walked together since his open heart surgery and have lost significant weight.

After hearing that, the doctor changed his mind about walking. 

He said that after looking at the "big picture," the walking does the two of us, together, more good than harm.  Yes, my knees will give out sooner.  But who knows when, or how much sooner?

He said I am one of those people who would be a candidate, when the time comes, for partial knee replacement (click HERE).  I told him I'd heard that if you have that, it would mess up the chance of having total replacement, if it should become necessary later.  He said that is totally untrue.

So there you have it.  As long as the pain isn't too bad, I can keep right on doing whatever I've been doing.

About my other journal on blogspot:  I will probably do about half my entries there, and half here.  We'll see how it works out.


madcobug said...

Good for you not having to have the knee replacement. You would think keeping your weight down would be good for your knees also. Helen

amy122389 said...

My doctor keeps telling me I need to get surgery to clean up the frayed nerves....I'm still hemming and hawing about it....

Good news, indeed, about your results....  


jawojnar said...

Great news for you.

mutualaide said...

Good news indeed!

Just keep us posted, no pun intended, on where you're posting.  LOL

magran42 said...

Do those elastic knee supports help any?  As long as you leave a link in this journal I'll be satisfied, otherwise I might not be able to find you.

toonguykc said...

Props to Cliff for speaking up!!

bnanajm said...

Glad to hear what the doc had to say.  I had seen a blurb on tv about women's knee replacement, but was on the way out the door to the office.  I'll pay attention the next time I see it.  LOL

Hope you have a decent weekend.


Chiquita Bnana

bookncoffee said...

Oh boy...the first time I have heard a doc saying "no exercise"...well, no walking in your case.  They usually want you to exercise more so you won't get stiff and it will keep some weight good job having him come around to exercising not being a bad thought after all.
Now I have to go see your blogspot journal.  I have a blogspot journal too.  I go there when I'm mad at AOL.   LOL>