Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Van's Warped Tour

Granddaughter Amber was here last Saturday to spend the night.  She made this peculiar statement:  "Grandma, I sure hope you feel like going to Van's next year, because this year I went with my friend, and she didn't want to stay long."

Huh?  What's up with that?  Since when does a twenty-year-old girl prefer going to a punk-rock concert with Grandma rather than going with friends?

I have to say I love the experience.  I'd have gone to my grave without ever having been trapped in a mosh pit, if not for Van's.  You like people-watching?  Hey folks, this is the place!  The only reason I didn't go this year is that my knees don't like standing in one spot on concrete on a 100-degree day.

Well, you can bet your sweet bippy that next year I'll try to go, even if I have to stay in the air-conditioned "old-people's-tent" half the time.

Brett, are you interested in going again?  Arick?  Anyone?

Oh, and I think granddaughter Monica might be old enough by then.


mastersblynn said...

You are indeed a "cool grandma""!!!

magran42 said...

Your "grands" think you are cool and so do we.