Saturday, August 19, 2006

tomatoes from a friend

A lady who is probably my best friend in the whole world (if you rate friends by what they'd be willing to do for you) called and asked if I'd like some tomatoes to can.

"I've already done a hundred-twenty quarts," Carol said, "and I think that's enough."

I should hope so, since it's just her and her son, Doug, living there.

I used to have enormous gardens, and I'd can huge quantities of vegetables and fruit.  When the kids grew up and left, it didn't seem worth all the heat and trouble for just me and Cliff.  Also, I have a problem with a tomato fungus, a blight, that seems to destroy the plants soon after they start producing.  But back in the old days, I sent tomatoes home with Carol by the bucket.  We worked together then, and she'd stay up till midnight canning.

Since Cliff's heart surgery, I buy salt-free canned tomatoes.  I pay a premium for unsalted canned goods, and I figured I'd better take advantage of Carol's offer.

Cliff's favorite food in the universe is spaghetti, and as I was skinning the tomatoes to can, I decided to use a quart of them to make some spaghetti sauce from scratch.  He's out mowing weeds in the pasture, so it'll be a surprise to him when he comes in to eat. 


msecz said...

that spagetti sounds so good... nothing like homemade sauce. My tomatoes got blossom end rot this year and I just threw out all the plants yesterday,,,, :(  Sandra

deslily said...

oh gawd!! homemade sauce?!!  I'll be right over!!  Cliff will have to fight me tooth and nail ! hehe

lanurseprn said...

Homemade sauce?? OMG that's heaven!!  

lmitc89854 said...

your tomatoes look just like the ones I have been buying (same varieties) just south of Oak Grove. I used to have a big garden too, and used to make my own tomato sauce, plus enough canned tomatoes to get my family through til there were fresh ones again. good times!

grahamfarmga said...

Fresh tomato Saue sounds good. I have always wondered why it cost more to leave salt out

mumma4evr said...

oh, yummy!!!

siennastarr said...

I've have never put anything in can, except the garbage! :(   I bet that is the best spaghetti sauce ever!


salemslot9 said...

we're all  going to show up at your house
or maybe even at your friend's house (lol)
I love fresh tomatoes from the garden
I like salt on them, too
one time we put fresh tomatoes
from our folk's garden in
some homemade chili last year
so good :)