Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It's a conundrum

And what's a conundrum, you ask?  Click HERE for the definition.

In this past entry, I blogged about modern miracles.  In my list, I included aspirin as a true miracle.

Mrs Linklater stepped forward with this comment:  "Unfortunately, heavy use of aspirin may cause pancreatic cancer down the road."  Mrs. L

This sent me running to Google, of course, to see if Mrs L knew what she was talking about.  I found a website that seemed to prove her wrong, and sent her an e-mail that read thusly:  

The aspirin studies linking aspirin to pancreatic cancer were in 2003.  This study was done in 2004.  Typical of medical research, isn't it?  They come out with a piece of info, then find totally the opposite in a year or two."

Then I received an answer from Mrs L.  Here's how her e-mail read:

"Depends on who did the studies.  I don't trust anything done by the drug companies.

I know three men -- two tennis pros and my father, also a big tennis player -- none of whom drank or smoked.  They all died of pancreatic cancer.

I think the jury is still out."

Methinks nobody pulls a fast one on Mrs Linklater. 

Now I am wondering... should I take my daily aspirin, or not?  What say you?



siennastarr said...

I say take it!  The benefits far outweigh the risks!


jevanslink said...

I think eighty milligrams -- the amount recommended for daily use -- may not be an issue.  However, since aspirin stays in your system for three weeks at a crack, you probably don't need it every day.  One 325 mg. tablet a month -- say on the first may end up being a preventive dose.  

Also -- it isn't just aspirin use.  It is excess aspirin use over a long period, such as for injury or arthritis, and my father LIVED on significant painkilling doses for years.

The studies you referred me to didn't ask how much people used.  Only whether they used aspirin or not.  

So, as I said, I think the jury is still out.  

Mrs. L

msecz said...

My doctor did a study on the pancreatis and he just told me a few weeks ago he takes 1 small asperin a day and he is a good doctor..... so who knows. I sure don't..... Sandra

bnanajm said...

Take the aspirin.....

If not, your heart will stop and you'll die anyway.

I know - a real ray of sunshine, ain't I?


mutualaide said...

You are right on about Mrs. L!  Take the aspirin ... eventually we all go anyway.  I know, another ray of sunshine.

csandhollow said...

Here is a link to check out regarding women and aspirin.