Saturday, August 12, 2006

Opening Day at the fair

Folks, don't think I'm great because I do this fair thing every year; mainly I do it because I love the fair, and not as a big favor to my grandchildren.  And don't think I'm such a wonderful grandma, either.  The girls fuss, I threaten.  They make messes, I gripe.  Natalie informed me her socks hurt her too much to walk, before we even started to the fairgrounds.  I said, "So, what are our options here?  Either you get along with the socks, or I call Grandpa and have him come and get us."  Natalie walked all over the place just fine after that, no complaints.

There are disadvantages to having your grandma babysit you:  one is that she takes you for granted, and forgets to notice your good points. 

There aren't a lot of food pictures, but that's mostly what we did on opening day at the fair.  I stopped counting after I'd had five $1 corn dogs and two $1 pieces of pizza and who-knows-how-many $1 Diet Cokes.  The girls also had $1 snow-cones, and Monica enjoyed a $1 funnel cake.  Oh yeah, opening day is dollar day, and it's all about eating!

We also went through some of the buildings looking for "free stuff".... a free pill-holder for me, free pencils and rulers for the girls.

Last year, the girls couldn't get enough of the Honeybear Dancers.  This year it was Marcoux Corner.  Honestly, those guys WERE great, although after seeing three of their shows and listening to their live CD about 5 times, I'd heard enough of them.  I'm just glad Monica and Natalie liked them so much.  If you want to hear them, click here.  I sent the CD home with the granddaughters, knowing it would drive their parents and big brother totally nuts.  (insert evil laugh here.)

Oh, the forecast we'd heard the night before turned out to be all wrong:  clouds showed up, and it rained enough to get all three of us pretty wet (but not enough to break the drought).  Some guy at a booth beckoned us over while we were seeking shelter from the raindrops and said he had rain ponchos for $1.  Just what we needed!  Trouble is, by the time we got the stupid things on, the thinplastic was totally torn up.  The girls sat on theirs on the wet ground to watch the alligator show, until it got rained out.  A trash bag would have made a much better poncho.

  Anyhow, the day was cooler than expected.

Chef Landry cooked some great stuff, but I'd read all his jokes on the Internet already.  Oh, and he mentioned he'd bought all his ingredients at Walmart that morning.  Well, the pecans in the dessert were old-tasting.  But hey, it was free, right?

We went back to the camper to rest awhile before the Sawyer Brown concert.


lanurseprn said...

Looks like lots of fun to me!

am4039 said...

sounds like you  had a great time. Despite the rain and the cheap ponchos. 1.00 food day sounds yummy.

csandhollow said...

You are still a good grandma to include the kids! LOL I wish we had something like that here. Heck I cant even come to yours since it is during school time

magran42 said...

It's no use....You can't change our minds....Now I know you are not only great but wise also.  (I already knew that)  What better way to get a child to look at her options and CHOOSE to overlook discomfort.  Oh and we already knew you were human!  So no great surprises here but it is comforting to hear the down side occasionally.