Monday, August 21, 2006

OK, about my getting a job

Let me say up front that the chances of my going to work are slim.  As I mentioned, I would have to have a ride to work, plus a back-up ride for times when my main ride was on vacation.  I'd have to have these rides secured before I applied and accepted the job.

Someone commented that they thought I had retired.  I've been retired most of my life, actually!  I've done more of what I want to do than almost anyone I know. 

Do I need the money?  Extra spending money is always nice, but we're doing just fine; and in a couple of weeks I'll get my first social security deposit. 

Let's say everything falls in place and I get hired:  What if I hate the job?  What if it requires more manual dexterity than I possess, and what if those ten-hour days are too long?  (Working ten hours a day wouldn't be bad, though, considering you get a three-day weekend.)

So, if any of the above things happened, the answer is simple.  I'd quit the job and resume my usual life, which is a wonderful one.  If I made it a week, I'd have a paycheck for my efforts, and my country life would go on as always.

I mentioned to Cliff that I'd hate to put my daughter in a bind for a babysitter.  He insists there are babysitters everywhere.  and besides, he'd watch the girls in the morning for free.  That way the daughter would only have to arrange after-school care.  On non-school days, Cliff could tend to them until two or so in the afternoon.

But none of this will likely be necessary.



salemslot9 said...

if you decide to go for it
i wish you the best of luck!

siennastarr said...

Well..heck, Donna... if you don't really need the money, and your SS check will be coming soon, I think I would just enjoy being home and doing what you do best!  Taking care of Cliff.... your granddaughters... your animals.. and your home.  

And of course, entertaining us with all your stories and pictures! :)


bnanajm said...

It wouldn't hurt to apply and at least speak to the people.

I love your new lighthouse design.  


magran42 said...

Sounds like you're going to give it a try if things work out.  More memories to make and you might really like it.  A change anyway.