Monday, August 28, 2006

fairy rings, and other things the rain brought about

Fernan commented recently that he'd like to see the toadstools closer-up.  Here ya go, Fern!

Click HERE to read a little about fairy rings.

And click HERE to read an entry I made when my dear Mandy was a puppy and the fairy rings popped up.  Notice the date... it's exactly two years ago; I guess these things always make their appearance in late August.


fierrorachel said...

Let me tell ya', as I was dropping the girls off at your house this morning, I was glad to be in the truck.  That driveway was NOT fun to navigate!

ryanagi said...

When my brother and I were kids we'd raid this ancient bag of golf clubs my dad kept in the hall closet. We'd use the toadstools to practice swinging the clubs. Made quite a satisfying noise when you connected right on with one of those big mushrooms.  :-)

magran42 said...

This entry caused me to backtrack, hoping to find a puppy picture of Mandy but I didn't have time to be thorough.  I did however pick 7/8/04 to read and as usual found knowledge and reassurance there.    Thanks

magran42 said...

Ok....forgot to say my new project is to read forward from June 4, 2004 until I catch up.  Should take me at least a year, I have so little time.