Sunday, August 27, 2006

storm warnings

All our local channels dispensed with regular broadcasting this afternoon to let us know of impending doom:  yep, certain death and destruction were headed our way:  tornadoes, storms, strong wind and flooding.

Cliff refused to watch their dire predictions, so I went into the bedroom and watched from there.  The storm was on a direct path to our house!

When my mom lived here on our property, the word "tornado" sent her into a frenzy; she lived in the mobile home we now rent out, and I'd tell her, "Mother, feel free to go to our basement."  And she did, with her little portable radio in hand.

Cliff and I would look at one another and say, "Isn't that cute?"

So today I watched the radar pictures on TV, and fretted and worried.  I went upstairs and shut windows.  Cliff was trying to watch a movie, but I kept relaying the storm track radar information to him.

Then our daughter called and asked if we were watching the news.  And shortly after, the sirens started.

The thunder got loud and the weather-folks said my town was next; I said, "Cliff, don't you think we should go to the basement?"

Now folks, this isn't a basement like you're accustomed to.  It's more like a cellar.  Our furnace and water heater are down there, but it's a little bitty space with a gravel floor, the size of our kitchen.  When it rains really hard, that basement/cellar floods.

Poor Cliff.  He didn't want to go, but just to make me happy, he agreed.

Of course I had to take Sadie along.  She's never been in that dungeon before, and she slipped out of her collar trying to avoid it.  I put the good-dog collar on her and tried again, finally with success.

So the three of us were in the basement, Cliff asking me, "When's the last time you cleaned this place up?"

I went up the steps to peek out, and saw rain coming down in sheets.

Finally our danger time was up, according to the TV and radio; we came back upstairs.  Cliff was shaking his head and telling me I had mud on both legs.

"OK Cliff," I said.  "Here's the deal:  my mom is no longer here to worry about tornadoes.  Rachel (our daughter) and I must carry the torch."

At least we got another inch of rain out of this.


csandhollow said...

I wish I had a cellar. Keep the winds and send the rain please.

marainey1 said...

I know I'd be in the basement too !  As a matter of fact I've been there a few times.  Glad everything is ok !  Keep that torch going !!!  'On Ya' - ma

ksquester said...

I think the torch comes with a banner AND a crown too!  YOU wear it well MO!  Anne  ps. I would have been down there with you too.

deshelestraci said...

That's the way I am now.  I didn't use to care but too many tornadoes in the last few years.  The one that really did hit us this spring we were sitting in the living room because no one warned us (tv or radio).

tendernoggle said...


msecz said...

I know what you are thinking but better safe than sorry I say.... A tornado went through our back yard and we couldn't get the door open to get the kids and we were scared.... they were safe but the neighborhood was a shambles and we never take the warning lightly any more.... take care. Sandra

ora4uk said...

sure am glad Cliff is a "reasonable" man....otherwise...good for you Mosie...and Rachael too....better safe than sorry....Hugs...Ora

plieck30 said...

My daddy always made us go across the street into the church basement. Paula

lv2trnscrb said...

glad you are safe; sorry about the tornado though; I would ahve been with you, down in the cellar for safety reasons


bnanajm said... least Sadie got to see the basement.

After all Dorothy, you are close to Kansas......


madcobug said...

Glad you all are safe, I would have went down there also but Ken probably wouldn't have. Helen

sugarsweet056 said...

We didn't get the sirens here in Liberty, but got LOTS of rain. You're right...nothing to watch on TV!!! GRRR
In case anyone reading this wonders...Mosie & I live fairly close too each other. Would love to meet up someday...but she doesn't drive & my car being in the shape it's in I won't take it out of the city limits!
Glad you're safe dear, I have been through sooo many, too many, tornado watches & warnings. Having lived in Tornado Ally in Tx most of my life & now in Tornado Ally in MO!!! Seems I can't get away from them. When the big one hit here a few yrs back, I was standing in my bedrm watching it coming at my window...PRAYING turned a couple blocks before it got to us!!! Praise God!
Have a great week.
Hugs, Sugar

astaryth said...

Glad you are all safe...Storm warnings :P  We're dealing with those too, I'm sitting down here watching Ernesto, so I know how you feel.... The ONLY good thing about Hurricaines over Tornados is the amount of warning you get! Of course there ARE those hurricaine spawned tornados to deal with!

siennastarr said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, Donna, but the way you relayed all this in your journal was kind of funny..   I could just see Cliff reluctantly going down into your cellar/basement just to humor you, and then looking around wondering when "the last time was you cleaned this place?" lol  Then to report that you had "mud on your legs"... well.. it's just made me smile while reading it.

On a more somber note.. I am relieved that the tornado bypassed your home...


fierrorachel said...

We sent the kids downstairs, and finally followed to keep them down there.  I am usually reluctant to stop watching, but when the sirens went off the second time...we went.  

fmgruber said...

That's good. A tradition carried on. };?))

jswarford1964 said...

Your mother sounds like my aunt, Hazel--only Hazel would head for the basement even if it was just a thunderstorm. At her own home, she had a patio chaise, cooler of beer, and her flashlight and transistor radio. If she got caught at our house, at least the Old House, she'd get under the piano. The cellar there was very much like your basement--only it flooded more, was used less, and usually had at least one resident blacksnake.
I'm releived to hear you all made it through OK; I was thinking about you when the news was on!

lanurseprn said...

I'm so glad the tornado didn't damage your home. What do you two do while down there? Is there electricity?  Can you bring snacks? A fridge?  What kind of door is on it to protect you?  This is all new to me. I'm a true CA girl and we don't even have a basement.  
Glad you were safe.