Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A tag from my buddy Russ and my daughter

1. A month before it happens you're told you're going to lose your memory. How do you prepare for it and do you attempt to regain what you've lost?  I wouldn't do anything differnt.

2. How do you describe your outlook on life?  Used to be optimistic, now it's more fatalistic.  I'm sorry, God, but I do still believe and trust in You.

3. You fall in love with your soulmate, decide to get married, and then find out that person is going to die soon. Do you marry them anyway?  yes

4. What are three of your favorite ice cream toppings? bananas, peaches, and strawberrys.

5. Is there one article of clothing you love to wear no matter how out of style it is?  Shorts in summer, sweats in winter.

6. Is there one color you wish would go away in fashion?  Wear what you want; I don't notice anyhow.

7. What's the first department you head to when you go shopping in a department store?  the bargain racks... you know, 80% discount.  Gotta love it.

8. How far away do you live from your parents? How far is Heaven?

9. Growing up, who was your favorite cartoon character? Bugs Bunny

10. You plan a romantic evening and everything goes wrong, including the fancy dinner you burned. What do you do?  make some popcorn and call it supper.

11. What's the last thing you bought at the store? Cliff's prescriptions, at Walmart. 

12. Have you ever walked out in the middle of a movie? never, but I've paid for pay-for-view at home and decided they weren't worth watching.

13. What celebrity do most people say you look like?  I don't think I've ever been compared to a movie star.  Lassie, maybe?  Rin-Tin-Tin? 

14. Is there any piece of jewelry you always wear?  Jewelry?  what's that?  Even though I never wear it, I treasure a "grandma necklace" that has birthstones for most of my grandchildren.

15. Have you ever tried to pick someone up?  never

16. What's the one thing you always manage to lose on your way out the door?  Me?  Lose something?  I can't remember.  Oh yeah, I keep forgetting the pedometer I'm supposed to clip to my waist when I take a walk.

17. Out of all creatures --  which one are you most afraid of?  Ticks, because they carry so many diseases.

18. What's the last gift you bought for a friend?  Wow, it's been a long time; I finally sent something to my friend Sue that I'd bought her a long time ago, but even THAT has been awhile ago.

19. Do you ever buy people things for no reason?  Very seldom; if I do, it's usually for kids.

20. What's your favorite way to spend a lazy summer afternoon?  Riding on the motorcycle with Cliff.  If he isn't around, I like to ride  my horse.


toonguykc said...

I can't believe I didn't think of "ticks" when I answered this question.  Mosquitoes too.  I'm not going outside again until the first freeze!!  LOL


magran42 said...

You sure do keep that "fatalistic" thing secret.  It doesn't come through in your journal.