Friday, February 4, 2005

a wonderful day

I've had the most wonderful day!  Cliff decided, since I was off work today, to play hookey and enjoy life with me.  We usually do our shopping and running around on Friday, but we have to be home by 1:30, so he can leave for work at 2:30 PM.  Today we didn't have to watch the clock. 

My friend Virginia... Jen, to me... inspired me to look for a stool to climb on when doing housework.  She was on a chair some time back, dusting or cleaning something, and fell.  She really hurt herself badly, and I considered it a wakeup call for me to stop using chairs as ladders.  So, we went to Home Depot.  Here's the step-stool I purchased:

I love it!  So does Cliff, who used it already to do a few "honey-do's" for me; although it's only load-rated to 225 pounds, and he exceeds that somewhat. 

While at Home Depot, I found the perfect building for my cabin in the woods.  Cliff and I looked inside, and agreed it would be ideal.  It would need one more window, which can be added; but for under $2,000, I'd be set.  Here it is:

It's the second one down, the "tall ranch" model.  I'd get the 10 X 12 size.  I can't wait!

We ate a leisurely lunch at Olive Garden, and had enough left to bring home for supper.  We need to start ordering one meal for the two of us.  I got home in time to spoil the horses a bit...  I apologize to Flylady for not doing my scheduled things today.  But when I go to bed, I guarantee my sink will be shining.


marainey1 said...

I'm so glad you got that stool.  I was hanging curtains once, standing on a chair and it flipped over on me and I broke my foot.  NO MORE STANDING ON CHAIRS!!!  I always use the step ladder.  What a dream cottage you have !!!  It sounds wonderful !  I glad you had such a blessed day !  ' On Ya'  - ma

bookncoffee said...

Oh, the little house is cute.....

Love Olive Garden.

csandhollow said...

So you had your Friday date night on Friday morning!

heyuno said...

Hey.......I have a stool to.  I like it. and it is compact to fit between the frig and wall.  That away its out of sight out of mind, until it is needed again.

cyandfayedavis said...

We reached the point of "one meal for two people" some time back.  I still get the feeling at times that the waitress thinks we can't afford two meals.