Saturday, February 19, 2005

busy butchering day

We cut the two hogs into meat today.  I took lots of digital pictures.  And when I tried to load them to my computer, I got the message "Corrupted files".  I'm disappointed.  But I'll tell you about our day.

Cliff went out around 9 AM, fed the critters, and got tables, grinders, and other needed equipment ready.  After 10, I went out to help.  Tyler, one of the next-door, fourteen-year-old twins, took over the grinder, I began to wrap, and we were under way. 

Unfortunately, my wrapping skills leave something to be desired.  So when Rachel, our daughter, showed up with Natalie, her seven-year-old, we put her wrapping.  And Natalie, who had announced earlier she was NOT going to look at those poor dead pigs, braved the scene, found it not to be so horrifying, and began writing on the packages of meat according to what cut it was... chops, sausage, ground pork, ribs, roast, and so forth.

The son-in-law, Kevin, came soon after, with Monica (the nine-year-old) and his mom, Linda.  Everyone found something to do, and we were in business.  Monica didn't last long, though.  I noticed a big pile of fat Cliff seemed to be discarding, and said, "What are you doing with that?" 

"Throwing it away," he said.

"All that good lard????  Lard makes the BEST pie crust!"

So, I came inside with the rescued fat and began cutting it in smaller pieces to render.  It's still on the stove, turning into lard very slowly.

We ended up taking the electric skillet to the shop and frying two pounds of sausage and four pork chops, just so we could sample our wares.  Delicious!

It's been a great day.  We were done by 3 PM, and inside eating the chili Rachel brought.  If only my pictures had turned out.  And now I'm wondering if something is wrong with my camera.


fierrorachel said...

If you haven't deleted the images yet, don't!  I might be able to save them.  At least some of them.

bookncoffee said...

This was interesting to hear.  
I guess you just cook down the fat and it makes lard?
I'm disappointed too about the pics and hope your camera is ok.  Sounds like you had a good time with all the help.  

marainey1 said...

Good Luck with your camera !  I know I'd miss mine if it quit working !  I bet your place smells heavenly with all that pork!    I love to use lard , but don't do it much any more as I just don't cook much .  Glad you had all that help.  It's a big job !
Maybe tomorrow you can rest !  'On Ya'  - ma

tendernoggle said...

We had a pig given to us once, soI made lard using the fat and it turned out so pretty! It was my first time and I was thrilled to have done it right without my daddy there to show me how. (he had died the year before)
We always had "hog killin' " as soon as it got cold enough when I was little on HORSESHOE BEND, and daddy would put the meat in a salt box and in the smoke house! We use to play with the pig bladder...ugh!
Bet that sausage is GOOD!
Take care now,

ryanagi said...

There is software out there that can read and rescue images from a corrupt memory card. I have some that came with my last CF card. There are services that you can send the card to also that will try and rescue the pics.

rb3987 said...

I am really disipointed about the pictures. There are so few people do this any more at home it would have really been educational to have the pictures for others to see how it is done. I always enjoyed butchering day when I was younger and on the farm , but have not seen it done in many years. Could the problem be with the camera connection to the computer instead of the camera. I hope you can get it fixed soon, I really enjoy your pictures and look forward to your new entrys.

csandhollow said...

I hope Rachel was able to save the picures. It may be the software. If you have the install disc then delete the program and reinstallit.