Friday, February 11, 2005

Me? a horse whisperer?

OK, I'm not supposed to try and ride Prince when Cliff is gone.  I didn't intend to.  But I was grooming him, and he seemed so docile.  If he acted up when I tried to mount, I promised myself, I'd jump right down. 

But he didn't act up.  He didn't try to run away as I headed off; he poked along wherever I headed him.  The old head-tossing?  He only did it about three times, half-heartedly... not so extreme that it would have hit me in the face.  When he did head-toss, I immediately turned him in the opposite direction.  He's a smart boy, and learns fast. 

I talked to him constantly.  If I ran out of words, I sang, "Jesus Loves Me" as I rode. 

This horse is amazing.  I am humbled at the way he responds to the Golden Rule.

Thank You, God. 

Rachel, you are blessed.  Appreciate your horse, and love him.  He's one in a million.


fierrorachel said...

Dad always says that, the way you talk about Blue, you'd think he was doing long division and curing cancer.  Tonight, when Kevin read this, he said "So, now Brat is curing cancer, too?"  ROFL  I'm so proud (and jealous!)

starstarj said...

There is just something about those Arab horses, after awhile he will just be a large puppy dog who allows you to ride him.  I am soooooo jealous!

plieck30 said...

Oh that is so cute you singing "Jesus Loves Me" to Prince and I know he appreciated it. Paula

astaryth said...

Yep.... told you! Once he feels comfortable with you and knows what you expect, these arabians become big ole puppy dogs!! Heck, most of the time we dont even bother with a halter on Boone, we literally call him just like the dog and he trots right over from where ever he is <LOL>.

bookncoffee said...

Yes, if we have faith, we can have dominion over the animals - I think - and the word of God will do it.  
Did you ever read the Mitford series by Jan Karon?
The pastor's dog, Barnabus, could always be calmed down by scripture.

mrs5l said...

Hey, you about made me cry. At first I was freaking out when I read you weren't supposed to ride him when Cliff is gone and I could only think...what did he do!! But then I was really glad to see how well he is doing. I never had a bit of trouble with him anywhere we rode. He is a really neat little horse and I am so glad he is being enjoyed. Kim