Friday, February 4, 2005

news and notes

My favorite answer to our weekend assignment is here.  But then, I always know Mrs. Linklater will give me something to chuckle about.

I don't care what the ground hog said, the horses around here think spring is close at hand; they've started shedding their winter coats by the handfuls, when I brush them.  The coming weekend looks promising for a little horseback riding.  The new horse, Brat, has an ugly wound on her leg just above the hoof (she got it before she came here).  She doesn't limp or show signs that it bothers her, but it's so huge it's taking forever to heal.  Each afternoon I spray it with Cut-Heal and pray.  Their lot is so muddy, I'm sure the wound medicine doesn't stay on long; hopefully the prayers stick, though,

I'm still flying with the Flylady.  Cliff can't believe the change in how things look around here, and I'm sure he's holding his breath, wondering if it will last.  So am I, for that matter.  Thanks to Flylady and her uncluttering, I found three James Patterson books I'd bought on (who knows when) and had never read.  So, I'm reading "Kiss The Girls" right now.  I love the Alex Cross series, although these books make me wonder what sort of mind could manufacture such awful serial killers.  This is the second one written, so the Cross children who were teens in the first one I read are barely in elementary school.  No big deal. 

Here's another thing Flylady is responsible for:  A co-worker who has been a Christian for a little over a year is always coming to me with the un-answerable Bible questions (where did Adam and Eve's children get their spouses, for example)  I tell her the theories I've heard, but end up telling her nobody really knows.  In my de-cluttering, I found a book I've had for some time, "Hard Sayings Of The Bible", that adresses many such questions.  Although in the end, the book simply does what I do:  gives the theories and then says, "Nobody really knows."  I gave the book to Paula, and she was delighted to get it.  I'd never have found it, or even thought of it, if I hadn't been upstairs sorting through my clutter recently. 

This was my first week as a part-time associate at work, and I do believe it's going to work well for me.  The only drawback I can think of is that when work is very slow, my supervisor has the option of asking me not to work on a given week.  We'll see whether that happens or not.

Thus far I've stayed with my daily Bible reading resolution this year:  at present, I am wandering in the wilderness with the children of Israel, waiting for Moses to receive the Ten Commandments.  In the New Testament portion, I'm getting very close to Matthew's account of the Crucifixion.  I love the One-Year Bibles, and have three of them in various translations.  It gives you some Old Testament, some new, and a Psalm and a Proverb, all together so you don't have to thumb through the pages.  One day's portion can be read in about twenty minutes if you read it all.  I will confess that I skim over the "begats" these days, and a lot of the Tabernacle stuff.  I've read it all before, and never got a lot out of it.  I always enjoy every verse of Genesis, though.  The people absolutely come alive for me as I read.  That gives me a good start on the year, so I've never "dropped out" of my reading during that time.


csandhollow said...

Our  horsesa are not shedding yet. But then again they never really got a heavy coat this year. Been real lucky with hay too. Have used less than 75 bales!

sanforized6 said...

Sounds like you are on a roll. That's good! Keep "de-cluttering" and keep reading. rich

ryanagi said...

Hmm. Perhaps when I get back from vacation, I'll give the FlyLady another go.
And that is a REALLY good question...where DID Adam and Eve's children get their spouses from. Hmm.

mandmblues43 said...

Moise  just read your entry  I have just started to go to bible study met some nice women there.  Very interesting the bible to read and talk about it.