Sunday, February 6, 2005

my favorite new products

Someone at work was touting this product, but I didn't pay attention to the name at the time.  Then my granddaughter, Amber, later told me how great it worked on pet stains and such for her mom, and that time, I wrote it down.  If you haven't tried it, you must!  It's unbelievable what it will remove from off-white carpets.  Cliff spilled a cup of coffee on our living room carpet, and you can't even see where it landed now.

Cliff heard about this one from a woman he works with.  It's equally as amazing as Spot Shot.  To try it once is to love it.

And by the way, I learned about these before the FlyLady entered my life!



starstarj said...

I use both of these too.  Yes, they are wonderful.  We don't have white carpet but it is light beige and with two men, a dog, and a cat going in and out these two products are a must.  Have not found much that magic eraser can't get out.

csandhollow said...

Like the eraser but the other one causes Brook and Pat both to have asthma attacks

bnanajm said...

Thanks for the tip, Mosie.  "Your cat" has the habit of barfing his fur balls on the light carpet so this is a good tip for me.  Of course, the girl cats are ladies and do their barfing downstairs in the litter box room.  LOL

In reading your past few entries, I'm glad to read such of happiness.  You are the best and I'm glad you are having fun.



ksquester said...

I have been using Spot Shot for years. I couldn't live without it, but I am glad to know about the other one. Thanks, Anne

heyuno said...

I have these products under the sink.......they work great for the dogs and Arick.

bookncoffee said...

I've heard of spot shot but had forgotten about it.  Magic Eraser, I will try to remember that too.