Friday, February 4, 2005

busy weekend ahead (but fun)

That's my husband, my son Jim, and Cliff's brother, Donald.  Don will be here early in the morning:  he's leaving home (southern Kansas) at 4:30, and will be here by 8 AM.  He and Cliff will "work" on an old Farmall M tractor.  It amazes me how close Cliff and Donald are... and how much my kids love their Uncle Donald.  Rachel is looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

I asked Cliff a while ago, "Do you suppose Donald knows how much our kids love him?"

"I doubt it," Cliff said.

"If you somehow get the chance, you need to tell him," I said.

"I will," was Cliff's answer.

As we grow older, we have more conversations like this.  Today we were talking about dying, and we both agreed it would be OK for God to take either of us any time now.  Not that we're anxious to go, but life has been so perfectly complete.  If you should hear of my untimely demise, rest assured that it was OK by me; I am ready.  Meanwhile, I'm enjoying every day!


ryanagi said...

You have a great attitude!

toonguykc said...

I've told you this at least once before, Mosie -- you're going to outlive me!  Neither you or Cliff are going anywhere soon!!   Russ

whitedove3622 said...

You sure sound content Mo. I love your great peace about things. You are a wonderful inspiration....  GB, Dove

fierrorachel said...

Dad's so much skinnier now!  I'm excited to head that way!  Now, if only the family would WAKE UP!

sanforized6 said...

I'd say by the looks of both of you, death ain't exactly standing outside your door.LOL You got the step ladder, your little "cabin", you got it made! rich