Saturday, February 19, 2005


I'm not really big on games of any kind; the main reason being, I'm a poor player... I just don't care enough whether I win or not.  So of course, people don't enjoy being my partner, since most folks would like to have a chance of winning.  

But while we were visiting my sister, she brought out this game I'd never heard of, and I must say it was rather enjoyable.  It held my interest, and yet was easy enough that my seven-year-old granddaughter, Natalie, had no problem learning it. 

The board my sister has was home-made by her late husband.  I went to E-bay, though, and found the whole set... cards, board, poker chips and all, new in the box.  It's ordered.  Now let's see if it ever gets any use in this house.  I think it will, on the Saturday nights our granddaughters are here.


bookncoffee said...

I used to like games but now it seems I want to journal or read.  

jeanno43 said...

Have fun with your game.  I have not heard of this one before

sanforized6 said...

Games people play! That's life, isn't it? rich