Saturday, February 10, 2007

a light at the end of the (weather) tunnel?

We're in the middle of one of the longest cold spells I can recall in the last few years.  I've been spoiled by a few winters where I never had to go longer than a week without riding my horse; now it's been well over a month.   Last year Cliff and I went to  Olive Garden on the  motorcycle, for Valentine's  Day.   It  ain't gonna happen this year.

I used to spend two hours or more out in this kind of weather milking cows twice a day, every day; these days, I dread taking the dog out to potty when it's in the teens or below... and it doesn't take her very long to potty.  I've gotten soft.

The forecast for this weekend sounds as though the weather could, once again, get nasty.  Although, typical of weather-guessers, they say it could go either way.  There is the possibility of freezing rain; the possibility of considerable accumulation of snow.  Or not.

The good news is that I happened to glance up at the TV as they were showing the ten-day forecast and saw temperatures in the forties afar off!  Dear Lord, let it be so.

We had one day last week in the forties, and that's when we got rid of most of the snow in the yard and in the pasture where Cliff and I walk.  Only trouble is, most of the slopes back there are shaded; so snow thawed all that day, ran down the paths where we walk, re-froze that night, and turned to ice.  You should see us trying to negotiate around, and to the side of, that mess, going down the hills.

Let's face it, we can't stay in this deep freeze forever.  Somewhere in the future is a month called May.  My cabin awaits, and so does my steed.

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gaboatman said...

I feel for you.  I can only imagine how hard it is to be deprived of the things you love for what might be months on end.  Its good you can remember that there will be an end to this harsh winter and focus on the good times that will ensue.  

lanurseprn said...

I cannot even imagine what it's like to live in such cold.  May is just around the corner.  I know it will seem like a long time though.  But, we'll get there.

marainey1 said...

I know what you's forcast to be below normal temps here for at least another week.  We will be thankful when Spring arrives.  Take care and keep warm !  'On Ya' - ma

gifdude said...

Oh come on! Where's your sense of adventure!?

Sunday and Monday should be fun with ice and snow, a wintery mix of fun!

LOL...all in sarcasm of course.

I know what you mean..this winter is the most "active" here in Missouri for a long time.

I wanna see Spring, NOW! :D

ora4uk said...

I saw the weather report also...and it seems lately...whatever you get...makes it way across into Kentucky and Lexington....not wanting you to have a hard winter....but keep all you can....don't let it come across LOLOLOL...this cabin fever is the pits....but we will persevere....right???  hang tough...spring cannot be far off...???  well I hope not...hugs...Ora

lmitc89854 said...

The cold is especially hard when you have heart disease. I didn't realize how hard it was to just breathe for my husband when he went out in the cold after his bypass until I got heart disease too. I feel bad for him now. This is an especially cold winter here in Missouri when we are in the middle of "global warming".

madcobug said...

Maybe the nasty weather will miss you. I hope it soon warms up so you can get out and do the things you love to do. Helen

csandhollow said...

Winter was late getting here but is it here now. I hope that it goes the good way for you!

suzypwr said...

We haven't been above freezing for about a month, and I don't see it happening in the next few weeks, either. What a long, nasty cold spell! The 40s sound like a heat wave!


plieck30 said...

We are suppose to have 70 degrees tomorrow but it sure doesn't feel like it now. In Texas you can never tell though. Paula

randlprysock said...

We have also been in a deep cold spell for about two weeks but now the sun is out so maybe it will head your way!  We're in the 40's I think now.  Hugs,

ksquester said...

So where is your poem about cabin fever????   Anne

fowfies said...

Before we had the fence put in the back I had to take Tip out on the leash out front, and I can feel for you during the cold spells.  You find yourself repeating things to the dog like "go potty, go potty, hurry up hurry up".  Now I just let Tip out back, shut that door and wait about 5 minutes and call her back in.  Yes, May, maybe even April right? Wishful Hopeful thinking.