Thursday, February 1, 2007

A heartwarming and humerous read

Having stepped over the threshold into that bigger-than-huge world of non-AOL blogs, I'm finding some pure gold.  There's a contest over there, you see, where people nominate their favorite individual post for "Perfect Post of the Month".

Now, I don't play their little games by either nominating someone, or voting for my choice.  But I do benefit from the whole shebang, because by reading what people think is the "best post" they've read that month, I'm finding pure gold.

Just as an example, here's a woman's tribute to an old lady who used to be her neighbor.  Meet Tillie, God rest her soul.  You'll laugh and cry, and you'll love Tillie too.  She might even remind you of someone you know.


csandhollow said...

We have too much time on our hands.

magran42 said...

I'm so glad you have time on your hands to sniff out the good stuff for people like me.  I so enjoyed Tillie and wouldn't have seen it on my own.  I just don't have the time to do more than read a few journals and follow their rabbit trails.  Thanks

suzypwr said...

I am afraid to do it - I might decide to read and read and read and read....xoxo