Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More answers to your questions

You have questions and comments?  I have answers!

I sure hope she keeps her ears like they are. 

I'm rather afraid she is going to lose about half of each ear.  More about that below.

I know nothing about cows or calves so your Secret
is interesting to me.  3 weeks seems so little/young. 
Yes, three weeks old is very young.  That's why a bottle calf must be watched so closely.

Won't she be lonely out there by herself & without her mother? 
She misses her mother horribly right now, just as a newly weaned puppy or kitten would.  Within a week, she will consider me her mother, since I'll be supplying her milk, and she'll be content.  Keeping one cow is no different than having only one dog, or one horse.  She'll adjust.  Right now she bawls every time she sees somebody, because she's used to nursing any time she likes.  She's on twice-a-day feedings, and thinks she's starving.  She'll get used to that, too.  And soon she'll be consuming lots of calf starter (grain) between her milk meals.

I consider everything that comes my way a learning experience.  I was looking forward to having a beautiful Jersey heifer to share with my readers.  It looks as though I will have a funny-looking Jersey heifer; but I will share her anyway. 

I'd be very upset, if I had been planning on showing this little Jersey; but I only wanted a pet.  I had Jersey cows for many years, and I've missed them ever since I got rid of the last one.  Secret is already well on her way to being a fine, friendly pet.  Have I mentioned that she is exceptionally smart, as cows go?  (You know how we doting mothers are.)

Will it bother her if she's funny-looking?  No, not a bit.  And any animal friends she might have through the years aren't going to notice, either.  Animals are way ahead of us humans that way... they don't care about race, creed, color, or appearance.

Any pain involved with her ears freezing is  already over, so she isn't hurting.

This simply reminds of how God accepts me, imperfections and all.  And loves me the way I am.  And so I will accept and love Secret, just as she is.

Secret today, in her pen in the barn.

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bnanajm said...

She's beautiful.  Funny ears and all.


suzypwr said...

Of course you will love her just as much with less ear flaps :). She looks so sweet!


mutualaide said...

Large ears, small ears, no ears.  Doesn't really matter at all.  It's all about the eyes and noses for me!  She'll be just adorable even as a nice BIG girl.

mumma4evr said...

God is good, isn't he?

csandhollow said...

She is a little doll! I know you are glad to get her.

karlaellen said...

Thank you for taking the time to give great answers.
I will be glad when a week is up and she will think You
are her mother. :)
Will the frozen parts of her ears just fall or break off
by themselves?

tendernoggle said...

I love her already Mosie.......ears or no ears.....She is beautiful.
love ya,

ksquester said...

Oh, I just love her......she seems so sweet!  How does Sadie do with her?  Anne

lanurseprn said...

I think she's so cute!  

siennastarr said...

Awww... Donna.. I loved the way you put all that together, and made a bit of a lesson out of it.  Animals are way above us.  They don't judge, they just love and accept you for who you are.  Humans could sure learn a few things from the animal kingdom..that's for sure..


fierrorachel said...

Anne: I'm sure Sadie isn't allowed in her pen.  It would stress Secret out too much to run around from a yapping mutt (sorry, Sadie, but you're a yappin' mutt.)

Mom, she's very sweet.

Animals don't care if their hips look big, or their chest is flat or their ears are lopped off.  I like that. Only humans are wrapped up in the external aspects of each other.  Animals are cool.  That's why Hawkeye loves me, even when I look like dookie.

toonguykc said...

Oh man.  You're bringing back so many memories for me.  Weaning calves who bawl, frostbit ears, the connection that comes with bottle-feeding.  I've been away from the farm for almost 23 years now.  


helmswondermom said...

She looks like a very contented little heifer already.

fowfies said...

Amen to that, animals love you no matter what you look like. They dont judge.  I am looking forward to watching her grow up and all the antics that come along with it.  I think all animals are smart in their own way.  Even chickens. ;)