Saturday, February 3, 2007

XM radio is purchased

My son called and helped me out with the XM radio for Cliff.  In fact, he got on Ebay while we were on the phone and found everything we need to set Cliff up with music in his shop, and I bought it.  Jim thought we'd probably need the antenna, since the shop roof is metal.  And that's included.  The boombox is also part of the package deal, so there should be enough volume for a hard-of-hearing guy.  And Jim says when he comes to visit, he'll set us up so we can get XM in the car, with the same receiver.   Cliff will be listening, I imagine, to "Willie's  Place" and  "Classic  Country".

Cliff has spent the afternoon in the shop with our grandson, Arick, who came out to change the spark plugs in his pickup.  It was going to cost $185 for him to have somebody else do it.  Once he and Cliff got in there, they realized why it cost so much.  Cliff said it was almost impossible to get to those plugs.  Arick was doing the work with Cliff supervising, until he suddenly got hit with an unbearable earache (he's had an awful cold and sore throat), and came groaning into the house to wait for his girl friend to come and take him to the emergency room.  So Cliff ended up taking over the spark-plug-changing job.

He's inside now, though.  He decided to do that last pesky plug tomorrow when he's fresh.  He said his chest is sore from leaning over inside that pickup.

Just a note:  If you are looking for a good digital camera, the price on one better than my Canon SD 400 has come down a lot.  It's the SD600, for a little over $200 at Circuit City or

I take all my still photos and videos with my camera, and absolutely love it.  It's so tiny, it fits in a pocket so I can keep it handy.


bhbner2him said...

Yeah, Pete once took three days changing the spark plugs in my 1979 Mustang when we were first married.  Fussing the whole time about Ford and their better ideas.  Suppose Cliff might be called a High Tech Redneck now.  ;o)   -   Barbara

magran42 said...

Wow you are a woman of action....that purchase was quick

helmswondermom said...

That was so nice of your son, and I'm sure Cliff is going to get a lot of enjoyment out of that!

csandhollow said...

I knew he would come through.
Cliff needs to be careful.
Hope the ear is better.
I love my camera BUT I found one I want. It is a digital cam recorder that records on DVDS!!!!

astaryth said...

That is actually one of the cameras I was looking at! I decided that since I only use a point and shoot when I am going someplace where I don't want to carry my SLR, I am -definitely- looking for one of these little ones I can tuck in a pocket.

suzypwr said...

I remember my ex using my little hands to get to that last spark plug that is so hard to reach :)

I hope your grandson's ear is OK. Ear infections can hurt so bad!