Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More questions?

Warning:  If you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read the answer to the last question (the one involving Sadie).

Will the frozen parts of her ears just fall or break off by themselves?
The frozen parts more or less wither, curl up, and shrink to nothing.  I am really hoping her tail didn't freeze too, because a cow needs her tail to use as a fly-swatter.  As far as I can tell, it's fine. 

"I have always felt that way about horses too  that they are so lonely when left by themselves all day.   Cats & dogs I see differently because they seem to be around the owners more.  I hope she isn't too terribly lonely."
As one who has had several "only" horses (Blue was, for a long time), you may rest assured that an "only" horse can be quite happy.  They are much more people-friendly, because that's all they have, to interact with.  I've had "only" cows before, too.  They also are quite content (unless they're in heat of course).  If I got another calf as company for Secret, they couldn't live in the same pen anyhow, because bottle calves nurse one another and ruin their future udders that way. 

How does Sadie do with her? 
Actually, Monica and I had Sadie in the pen with us yesterday evening, and Sadie was unconcerned with the calf, because she was busy eating Secret's poop.  There is something about calf-poop from calves still on an all-milk diet that dogs consider a gourmet treat.  I know, dogs eat poop anyway, but this is totally different:  they'll devour new-born calf poop like it is steak!  Trouble is, there was so much hay mixed in with the yummy poop Sadie was eating that she came in the house and puked up the most disgusting pile of gunk you've EVER seen!  Thank goodness for Spot-Shot.

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fowfies said...

I was a bit worried about Derby being out there alone too.  He was used to being in the vicinity of other horses, but I was told the other horses all didnt like him very much. He has become a people horse, and it has crossed my mind to get him a pal, but then I put it out of my mind, for now anyway. ahhh yesss...we discovered how much dogs like poop when we got Derby, no more kisses from Tip. Sorry Sadie got rid of her delicacy on the floor in the house....I keep waiting for that here....oh the joys of animals eh...LOL! It is a weird feeling when they suck on your fingers.  I had a bottle calf do that at the farm we went to to get a Christmas tree.  Kinda neat, til I saw him drinking his own..ummm, urine from his body, why do they do that? Then fingers were off limits!

anjelblaze said...

mo, that's music to an ol country boys eyes!

mawmellow said...

Secret is a cutie.  She's found a good home.  

csandhollow said...

The poop eating is gross! I never can understand it! Sorry about the mess. I hate when that happens.

lmitc89854 said...

OK, that made me sick!

helmswondermom said...

Well I was fine till I got to the last few sentences! lol  I hope Secret's tail is fine, too.  Your grandchildren are very lucky to be able to have such nice experiences at your house, such as horses to ride and observe and baby calves to feed!

tendernoggle said...

Poor Sadie!! lol Sort of like she pigged out, huh? lol lol And poor Mosie having to clean it up!
I have a picture running around her of me feeding a baby calf it's bottle when I was around knew how hard those little babies could pull on that nipple! lol
love ya,

nanlynska said...

Donna have you ever thought about writing for the Reader's Digest? They have a section in their book called, "Toward More Picturesque Speech" ! After reading this entry in your journal......need I say more? ROFL !!!  

ksquester said...

Thanks for the answers Donna. I completely understand about Sadie. Luke, the wonder dog, is perfect EXCEPT, when he is on the trail in AZ and comes accross horse poop.  It's the grass in it and he considers it a gourmet treat also. I scream and holler and run to catch up to him, but he does it anyway.  SIGH.......a dog has to be a dog, I suppose.   Anne

mumma4evr said...

oh yuck...and I tyhought having to cleanup spit up Kitty Chocolates was win!!!  yuck!!!

lanurseprn said...

Secret is a doll. But, the thought of Sadie barfing up horse poop did me in!  UGH!