Friday, February 2, 2007

speaking of radios....

Cliff doesn't hear well.  In fact, his left ear is totally useless.  But he loves music.  Country music.

Not today's country music, however.

In normal times (when the temperature is above 20 degrees), he is in his shop for several hours a day.  The radio he has out there is a cheap one with poor reception; and anyhow, there aren't any stations that play the kind of music he loves.

I think he needs a (cheapest model) Bose.

And I think he needs XM radio.

He deserves it.  Only thing is, I'm not sure how to set the whole thing up.  I'm counting on our son being here this summer.  He'll tell us what to do.

Right, Jim?

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fierrorachel said...

It's not hard to set up.  I still need to fix your wireless, too.  Monday?  While the girls are in school?

tendernoggle said...

I love the way you think about him and try to "do" things for him~!
love ya,

csandhollow said...

You are a good wife.

plieck30 said...

What a thoughtful thing to do. John plays the TV so loud that I enjoy the quiet time when he goes to bed early. Paula

marainey1 said...

Like you , I count on the babes coming home and helping me with a lot of technical things I can't do.  We are blessed to have them . My back porch light can't even be changed by me with out a long ladder, so I save that for them too !
Cliff should wear a head set - it would help. The joggers and walkers often go down the street with their portable radios on their belt and a head set on.  Of course that probably wouldn't give him the stations he wants either.  Good Luck!
'On Ya' - ma

magran42 said...

The Best station I have found is "Country Gospel" XM on AOL.  But I don't know how to get that station on anything but aol.  I don't think the regular xm radio's carry it.  I bought a satilite radio for C.Y.'s birthday but I made the mistake of buying a Serious <sp> and I hate it.  It does have the classic country but it doesn't have the gospel that we like.  I don't know what brand wireless you have but I just had to replace my Linksys.  I got Belkin this time (the man in the store said that is what he has) and I love it.  Like many of daughter set it up for me.

deshelestraci said...

That is sweet of you!  I think he deserves it too.  Not that my opinion counts for much, he he!

gifdude said...

How are you and Cliff dealing with the cold weather?

I don't remember being this cold before.


suzypwr said...

If you can get him out of the house and into a workshop, he should have whatever makes him happy there!


hestiahomeschool said...

I like classic country better, too.