Monday, February 12, 2007

Cliff's XM radio is set up in the shop

I sort of hated to see the XM radio moved to the shop, but after all, that's what we got it for.  All we need is some warmer weather, and Cliff will wear that thing out.  He figures he'll never listen to anything but two stations:  Classic Country and Willie's Place.

We're not going to attempt fixing it up in the car ourselves.  We'll save that job for our son, Jim, who is familiar with such things.  When that's done, we'll be able to take that little receiver out of the boom box, put it on a stand in the car, and we shall have music wherever we go.  The boom box also takes batteries.  So it can be taken as a portable unit if need be.

We're tickled with this purchase, and thanks to Jim, we got a real bargain.  I checked Circuit City and Best Buy, and then at the XM website.  None of them had our unit as cheap as the JJ Electronics Ebay store.  And they were so helpful when we were having difficulty getting our unit to work; within a half-hour of my e-mailing them with my problem, they e-mailed back with an answer.  I highly recommend them.



loisontheweb said...

  I thought that the  ultimate shop radio was the one put out in the past few years was made by, I THINK, Black & Decker ... but, I know that XM is going to be a keeper for Cliff   (& you).
   You seem to have put the ice storms in the past; a son of some friends went down with a loggers' crew from up here in the U.P. ... working in the Springfield area cleaning up ice-damaged trees.

lanurseprn said...

I'm glad you guys will be enjoying it so much.  Amazing technology these days, huh?

tendernoggle said...

I know Cliff is in Country Music Heaven!!!! What a sweet valentine for him!!!
love ya,

plieck30 said...

That neat! Paula

katenmkate said...

How far is the shop from the house?  If it is within say, 50 yards, you can probably pick up the signal in the house, especially if you have a good radio in there.  We have one XM brain-box that we keep in the truck, parked between the house, the barn, and the tack room.  Radios in each location work perfectly, when tuned to the proper FM station.

Simple as pie -- even I can work it.  I DO get rather tired of Willie and Classic, which are Gil's two stations, too.

I really enjoy your posts, and read them just about every day.

Kate in New Mexico

suzypwr said...

Don't you love electronics?