Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Secret's ears and other stuff

We dug out an old calf halter for Secret... it's probably twenty-five years old, but once Cliff got the rust off the metal part, it worked.  Although it's too big, it's the smallest one we have in our assortment.  It'll fit her just fine in a couple more weeks.  I have halters to fit her throughout her life.

I snapped a lead rope onto her halter and led her around the yard.  Often, a calf will balk and "sull up" as the old farmers say, when they feel somebody pulling on a halter they're wearing.  I've had many of them even just lie down and act like they were dying, rather than give to the rope.  Not Secret!  I gave her plenty of rope and let her frolic and play around me, but when I pulled her toward me, she came right on... until I began putting her back in the barn!  She didn't want to go in there; she was enjoying her freedom.  I'll bring her out again after she's had her evening bottle.

Also, while I was leading her around, I took her to the pasture and introduced her to the horses.  I wish they could all get along, but I'm afraid the horses will always want to chase her.  Blue was the most hateful one toward her.  The two ladies, Libby and Sassy, seemed to want to get to know her better.  Yes, I know: you can drive all over the countryside and see horses and cows apparently living in harmony together.   But we've always had problems mixing the two, and the cows end up being kicked, chased, and bitten.

You can see how stubby her ears are going to be; where that white line is, that's how long they'll be.  I've seen calves with even less ears than that.  It happens as a result of a calf being born in frigid temperatures when there's nobody around to get it dried off.  Cattle can stand cold temperatures just fine, once they're dry.  It's the being wet that freezes ears and tails.

I am, by the way, going to let Secret keep her horns; when I had several Jerseys I dehorned them, so they wouldn't fight and hurt one another.  Since she (and perhaps some of her offspring) will be the only cattle here, they get to have horns.  I'm sure some of you city folks thought only bulls have horns, right?  I always have to laugh when somebody asks me about that.  You can enjoy watching my calf sprout horns as she grows.

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suzypwr said...

It sounds just like starting a dog on a leash, lol!

I can hear your excitement with the new baby :)


mccine said...

You have spoiled me terribly. Are you able to make a video of Secret and the horses socializing, or attempts ? I have been hooked since the rides on Ole Blue.
Please. Annie

marainey1 said...

Yes, I learn something new every day of my life.  I really only thought bulls had horns...that part of my education is severly lacking.  Glad you are having fun with your new baby !  'On Ya' - ma

siennastarr said...

Can't wait to watch her grow up, Donna!  This should be very interesting and fun!


csandhollow said...

LOL and some people think that all bulls have horns too! Some breeds do not have horns.
She is a good one! I wish I had a halter for Baby.
She still runs from me. Good thing she is meat

amiragabrielle said...

I just love Jersey cows. I have fond memories of my grandparents farm. Those Jersey girls seemed to be so gentle and even tempered. I tried to milk a few. I guess I did ok.. I liked making the creamy butter though. :) Thanks for sharing your (secret).


jctopaz55 said...

Mosie, I love Secret !! She is just so sweet . Now it must be so fun to bottle feed her. She seems to be happy at her new home with you too.  She loves you already. A good home she has found for sure. God Bless You.


mutualaide said...

She's just adorable and I am so enjoying hearing about her!

jayveerhapsody said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Secret, and learned a lot of things that I never knew.   Jon

scotthlori said...

Stumbled upon your journal ... LOVE IT!  I'll be back!  :O))


Who I am ... underneath it all

plieck30 said...

Frozen ears are something we don't have to worry about here. Its still February and its already getting hot in the afternoons. Probably one or two more little cool spells. Enjoy Secret. Paula

magran42 said...

This is going to be so much fun!  I only we had smell capabilities.  Does that feed have molassas in it.  My grandfather had some kind of feed that smelled good enough to eat.

tendernoggle said...

Bless her little have been s cold that her little bitty ears froze make my heart hurt for her. I know she will get plenty of love there with you and Cliff.
love ya,
I too thought only bulls had horns. lol :-)

loisontheweb said...

Jersey horns are so  "picturesque" ... you'll be glad she has her horns. I'll be watching to see her progress.


fowfies said...

Sounds like Blue was jealous.  His Mama was spending time with a new animal! She is going to be such a fine addition, so sweet.  I would like to have one, but not just yet, not right now.  Maybe when Shelby is grown.  I got enough to take care of now! ;)

helmswondermom said...

I really love that you're letting us share Secret with you!  She is such a pretty calf; even with little stubby ears, she'll still be pretty!  I laughed at the caption under the calf starter because I used to feel the same way about horse sweet feed.  The smell of that sweetened bran used to make my mouth water!

fmgruber said...

Quite honestly, I've never found enough meat in an ear to make a meal of it. Farfo on the other hand always thought them a great chew once I had gotten dried out.