Friday, February 16, 2007

Our last frigid day (hopefully)

I was going to do this week's grocery shopping up north, across the river, and kill two birds with one stone (see the Jersey calf while we were up there).  Cliff said, "We're not doing anything but sitting around the house anyway.  We'll make another trip to see the calf, maybe tomorrow." 

We had a couple of things to return to Kohl's, and he wanted some T-shirts from Penny's.  So we headed to Independence. 

Penny's had some great sales going on.  Name brand long-sleeve shirts (Haggar, for instance) for $5.  Lots of them.  Cliff really doesn't need any more winter shirts; but he loves corduroy pants, and we found some of those for $5 in his new 36-32 size.

Cliff's in bed right now.  When he gets up and sees this entry, he'll probably make me take picture #4 off here.  Why?  Because of his saggy neck, which really bothers him.  I've suggested to him that if it bothers him that much, he should get it fixed.  It can't cost that much for a plastic surgeon to perform such a simple operation, right?

Only thing is, I wonder how much the office visit would cost, to find out about the procedure.  Because I know insurance wouldn't pay for any of this.

Maybe I'll do some calling and see.


csandhollow said...

You will be very surprised to find out how much it will cost. Not simple either now that Cliff has had heart surgery.

lmitc89854 said...

Wel, I know what you mean about the saggy neck area! But every surgery is a risk. I mean the anesthesia.  I have had a bypass and I know that every surgery after that you need to make sure is necessary.

mutualaide said...

I view my wrinkles, salty hair,  the saggy neck not so firm upper arms (eeuw!) as badges of honor for a life well lived and well loved.  I'm proud of my imperfect parts -- finally!

gaboatman said...

I got here late, so I already know you are taking previous warnings seriously re the operation.  I just want to say that, sitting here in the midst of all the boxes packed and the emply ones yet to be packed, that steak dinner sure has my mouth watering.  Glad you had a good meal in the city and that Cliff found some more cords.

amy122389 said...

your dinner looked yummy!  loaded baked potatoes are my favorite...


lanurseprn said...

I would never have even noticed the neck had you not said anything.  My dad had surgery done for that. After it was said and done, he had a scar in place of a sag.  I didn't think it looked any better at all.  
Your meal looks delish!!!  

magran42 said...

Wish I could find deals like that.

siennastarr said...

Donna, Cliff is adorable no matter what!  He is a very good looking man, and you can tell him I said so!  And, they say us women are vain! lol


ryanagi said...

My mother had her turkey neck tightened up years ago...I remember back then it was $2,500.  She lived in a pricey area, so who knows.  Honestly, I think Cliff would look good wearing a nice turtle neck and a blazer.  That cosmopolitan, world traveler look.  ;-)  Turtle necks are loads more affordable, anyway.

suzypwr said...

I thought Outback was open earlier now? Those dinners look good!

You could take several cruises together for the price of one turkey neck!