Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We ate in our mobile home

No, it isn't here yet.  But there was a nice big dog pen behind the mobile home that the former owner didn't want, so we went to get it.  Cliff wanted to take some more measurements, too.  I made a thermos of coffee and packed a lunch, and we sat down at our future kitchen table and ate.

Cliff was outside, crawling underneath the place, and I was walking around inside, figuring out where I'd put my bed and dresser.  As I exited the bedroom, for some reason I decided to make sure the door shut and latched properly. 

Indeed it did, but it was locked when I closed it.  Here we haven't even slept in the place, and I've locked us out of the bedroom.  Cliff had to find a wire to jimmy the lock.

It was terribly windy, but we saw lots of motorcycles on the road.  We saw two, at different times, with sidecars; not something we see often.  We had to take the car because we were pulling a trailer to get the dog pen.

There's the dog pen, after we got it home.
  It's 5' X 15'.  I put Sadie in it, but she hates it; her tie-out gives her lots more room.  All she would do was bark at me, as if to say, "Let me out of jail!" 

However, this would make a nice pen for a couple of chickens.  Or perhaps Cliff's sister will use it sometimes for her little miniature Dachshund, when she's here.


gen0507 said...

That's great that ya'll had lunch there.  How much longer til ya'll will have the house?


madcobug said...

That was a nice outing you two had today. LOL on locking the bedroom door. That is a nice size pen for when it is needed. Helen

magran42 said...

A pen that size could be good for a lot of things.....visiting pets for one.

robinngabster said...

Here's to many more lunches in your new home!

helmswondermom said...

That's a nice pen and very worth getting for free!  We have three like that in which we put our six dogs when we don't want them running free in the back yard.  Their houses are in them and they get fed in there too.

ryanagi said...

Hmm. I bet I could fit a sand box in there and it would make a nice hang out for the boys.  lol ;-)

jctopaz55 said...

Mosie ..the pictures are great. Your new home looks so nice. I love the table and chairs . So pretty. Nice pen for the dogs or chickens  Have a wonderful evening  !!


breakaway1968 said...

YES YES>>> CHICKENS would go great in there!  I think yes.  That's exactly what I was thinking ;)  lol  everyone needs chickens.  I enjoyed your pics of the new house :)  Can't wait till you get it home and decorated to see how it looks then.

fowfies said...

Cant pass up a free pen, always a use for it sooner or later. That is a nice pen, would be nice for just about anything.

suzypwr said...

I like that pen - wish I could have one!