Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hard freeze tonight

Last year about this time, the trees were all leafed out; the grass was growing; our alfalfa was almost tall enough to mow for hay.  Then an April hard freeze came along, defoliating all the trees, and killing about half our alfalfa plants.

We were pleasantly surprised, this year, to see that some of the alfalfa crop had actually survived.  I've been so thankful that the weather has stayed cold, so the trees didn't do the early-bloom, early-leaf thing like last year.  There was virtually no local apple crop last fall because most of the blooms were wiped out in that hard freeze.  That won't happen this time, since no blooms have appeared.   However, there is a hard freeze predicted for tonight.


This means our poor alfalfa crop may get another blow, which will kill even more plants.

I don't mind the snow-showers we've been having for the past 24 hours.  But I surely do hate to see another hard freeze.

Good old Missouri weather.  You learn to not count on anything.


madcobug said...

Our forcast looks bad also to the low temps the next three nights and even snow showers tomorrow. Helen

sugarsweet056 said...

Miserable, ain't it. grrr I had hoped spring had sprung.

ora4uk said...

we are also looking for lower temps and snow is raining just now...temp 36....and all our trees and plants are at the just budding stage....we will see....most have a sturdy root system...and may survive the cold...hopefully....hugs...Ora

amy122389 said...

We're going to get almost 90 today and then by night......low 40s.  the hell?  stupid weather.


gen0507 said...

It's been weird here too.  It was cold last night.  It's supposed to stay in the upper 50s during the day for the next several days.  Later in the week it's suppose to start warming back up.


How much longer until you get your house?

lanurseprn said...

So different here. It was over 90 yesterday. At 8pm it was still 84 outside! Today is warm, too! I think we skipped Spring and just went right into Summer!

marainey1 said...

We had snow in northern Ohio today and it was down in the 30's .  Things are just beginning to turn green and the forsythia is just starting to bloom.  It is supposed to get a little warmer though each day this week.  'On Ya ' - ma

helmswondermom said...

We had a freeze alert the night before last and last night it got pretty cold, too.  But during the days it has been very warm.  I hope that the alfalfa crops are safe this year.

suzypwr said...

Hopefully we had our last snow last Sunday. What a winter this has been! I hope your don't get damage from the freeze - I know I am about a week late here.