Monday, April 21, 2008

We miss our conversations

Cliff and I have been used to carrying on a conversation while riding the motorcycle; There are microphones and speakers in our helmets, and all we've had to do was plug in when we get on the bike and unplug when we dismount.

Cliff doesn't hear well, even with his hearing aid in his one ear that sorta-kinda works.  But with the helmets on and the speakers working, we could chat like normal folks do... even better than we can in the quiet of our living room.  Until recently, I didn't realize how much I enjoyed our motorcycle conversations. 

We don't appreciate something until we have to do without it for awhile.

Cliff bought himself a new full-face helmet, removed the sound system from his old helmet, and added it to the new.  He's done this in the past with other helmets, with no problem.  This time, something went haywire.  He has no sound in his helmet. 

Cliff is so hard of hearing that, with a full-face helmet and no sound, I may as well talk to my hand as try to make myself heard when we're riding.  Even if I yell at the top of my lungs.

After yesterday's cruise we both agreed that it's boring to ride when we can't converse.  By hook or by crook, our sound system has to be repaired.


breakaway1968 said...

I think that is like the sweetest thing!  You guys are such  great roll models for younger married people!  You are the perfect couple!  :)  I love reading about your lives together.  

marainey1 said...

That is too cute.  I never knew helmets had sound systems.  That's just like a walkie talkie sorta.  It's amazing that it's better than the hearing aid.  Hope you are having a great Monday!  'On Ya' - ma

lanurseprn said...

It's like talking in a just GOTTA do it!

helmswondermom said...

Now that is really cool!  I had no idea you could do that.  I hope that you can get his sound system fixed soon.

robinngabster said...

My Dad is very hard of hearing, there is no way he could hear anything while on a motorcycle!  You gotta get that fixed...what if you had to pee?  :)   LOL

fowfies said...

I always wondered about that. At first riding without talking would be okay, for a little stretch, but then like you say, it would get old. Your mind wanders and you want to say something to the other person, but you cant. I would hate that too. Hope yall get it fixed soon.

suzypwr said...

It's safer to be able to communicate, too!