Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Motorcycles cause trouble in 1908

Do you suppose this was the beginning of Hell's Angels?

Someone has taken one-hundred-year-old news items from a long-defunct newspaper, "The Kansas City Journal" and made a weblog of it.  It's interesting to see what was going on in the area back then; I've noticed, in reading the blog, that people really haven't changed so much over the years.

For some reason, it just cracks me up that motorcyclists were  being sued for causing trouble so long ago.  It surprises me that motorcycles even existed in 1908!


breakaway1968 said...

Oh my!  Yes it surprises me too!


fowfies said...

Just dropping in this morning to say HI and catching up on whats been going on around there. Love the pictures of Secret and Meatloaf, and the horses all in a row. :) Kelly

madcobug said...

The way they acted they got what they deserved, Those people could have been killed in the runaway buggy. I wouldn't have thought moter cycles existed back in those day either. You did good finding those old articles. Helen

helmswondermom said...

This is so cool!  I will bookmark that blog.