Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reading blogs

So I was reading some of the blogs to which I subscribe, this evening, and got into this really difficult-to-understand entry (to me) explaining what's wrong with the Southern Baptist Convention.  My curiosity was aroused; I'm not a Baptist, so I was out of the loop.

Then I remembered my good friend in Texas, Frankye, who recently hosted a gathering of Internet friends (which I attended).  So I sent her the link to the blog entry.  She explained, in a nutshell, what was going on... from her viewpoint, of course.

And I thought how fortunate I am to know people with so many different viewpoints.  Each one ready to answer any question I might have.

Just one more little perk of being on the World Wide Web.



breakaway1968 said...

I think it's great when people are open to learn of others beliefs.   SOmetimes it can get pretty touchy but if your adult like it all goes well ;)  Internet is sure great for that..that's for sure!  

ryanagi said...

Yep. If you ever have questions about those wacky Catholics, I'm your gal. LOL

helmswondermom said...

It was an interesting article.  I appreciate the author's style of writing.  He obviously has given a lot of thought to his subject.  I'm not Baptist, either, but I like knowing what's going on in other religions.