Friday, April 25, 2008

Today's hunt for morels

The thirty Spruce trees I had ordered arrived yesterday, so we had our work cut out for us, once I got back from my futile mushroom hunt.

There was a thirty per cent chance of rain, said the weather-guessers.  We forged ahead, marking the planting site and measuring distance between holes.  Light sprinkles began to fall on our heads, but we weren't fazed.  Until the sprinkles became bigger drops and the temperature fell by about ten degrees.  That's quite a drop if you're wet.  We ducked in the shop a time or two until it let up, but finally Cliff said, "Let's just clean up and get our running done."

So we headed to Walmart.  It was almost noon when we left home, so we were starving.  So we ate Chinese.  Cliff opted to take a vacation day from work.

Somehow we managed to spend $90 on groceries, and we didn't even buy any meat!  Dear Lord, what's to become of us all?

Once home, we went back to the tree-planting, and finished at 6 P.M.  Oh, my aching knees.

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marainey1 said...

That is a lot of trees and not many mushrooms.  I bet you will be wanting to take it easy tomorrow.  The rain will give the trees a good start though.  'On Ya' - ma

breakaway1968 said...

Isn't it something how much grocery's have went up in price!  We noticed the same t hing and were going to go broke just feeding a family of four!   can't wait to see your trees grow up!  

robinngabster said...

Groceries are expensive these days!!!

You better be careful out in that rain, we don't want you two sick again!

robinngabster said...

One mushroom????????????????????  Egads!   You do have some interesting things to see in your woods.

fierrorachel said...

Thirty?  Wow.  That's a lot of trees.

I think I should warn you that Natalie took Dad VERY literally:  The minute that you've moved into the "new" place, she intends to spend the night.  I'm just sayin'.

madcobug said...

Glad that you two finished those trees. They should look pretty when they get big. Looking at that shredded paper. I read it was good to make mulch out of. I emptied my shredder yesterday and put it around one of my tomato plants after soaking it good in water. I want to see if it will keep the ground more moist and help keep the weeds away. It may just hold bugs in LOL. Helen

helmswondermom said...

That's a lot of trees.  Are you planting a windbreak or are they just for their beauty?  I hope you find more morels this season, so you have a good "mess" of them.  Have a great weekend!

granpajerry1 said...

Have you tried my World Famous Mendell/Skarrup fudge? There was some in Dallas but made with sugar. I make a modified version now with Splenda/Sugar mix and much less sugar and yet tastes as good as the modified Skarrup recipe.
If you tried some in Dallas and liked it, I propose a trade----morels for fudge!
Jerry the fudge king!

loisontheweb said...

LOOKS LIKE LIGHTENING DAMAGE ON THAT TREE.  Morels ... nummy.  Usta have them where I lived before; I don't think there are any here.