Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just waiting

My day?  I awoke at my usual 4 A.M., and decided to make pork bone soup.  There was a bag of bones from the last hog we butchered taking up a lot of room in the freezer, so I used it as meat and seasoning for a nice stew.

Next, a visit to the gynecologist (groinacologist,  as Archie Bunker used to say) because I hadn't seen one in ages.  Enough said about that.  Except that I wish she'd stop trying to force me to get a colonoscopy.  Sheesh, leave me alone already.  If I can't have my coffee with creamer for 24 hours, it ain't worth doing.

Once again I worked Libby (ground work, which means I wasn't riding, only directing) in the round pen with the saddle on her; today she didn't buck.  She's getting much better with letting me pick up her feet and work on them, too.

Cliff's sister called to ask why I'm not blogging about what's going on with our mobile home.  Well, that's because nothing is happening.  The concrete will be cured sufficiently on Monday; then we'll be seeing about getting our home moved onto our property.

When something happens, I'll let you folks know.  We can't do anything about the water lines until the rural water people install a meter, because we don't know where the meter will be.  One thing that is NOT a problem is the electricity; it seems they're ready to move any time we give them the go-ahead.

This is Adam, who boards his two horses here, with his recently acquired pup... some sort of cattle dog, I believe.  He's a little sweetheart and growing like a weed.  Adam wants him to get used to being around horses, so he brings him out every time he comes to work with his gelding.
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marainey1 said...

The waiting is always the hard part. It does sound like you are coming right along though.  I've never had one of those colonoscopies either.  Fact is it's been a long time since I've seen a doctor.  I have come to the decision that if it's not broke why try to fix it.  Your soup sounds delicious !  'On Ya' - ma

tendernoggle said...

wish I had some of your soup!!! love ya,

madcobug said...

I have had several colonoscopys that paid off as I have had three polyps removed. Ken had never had one either until last year when they did the throat stretching thingy and a colonoscopy at the same time and found that cancer that he had not had any kind of trouble with and hadn't a clue it was there. The surgeon who removed it said he could give the other Dr. who found it credit for saving his life. Hope you all get your home moved soon or you will be going camping in your cabin. That pup is pretty. Helen

dbaumgartner said...

LOL The Groinacologist. Gotta love that. I actually remember that episode.

Love the pup, looks like a real cutie. :-)

Have a great day, my friend


granpajerry1 said...

Pat's bro, who was only a year tounger than her, did not believe in having colonoscopies either. He then ignored bleeding. When he finally went to doc it was too late. We lost him on June 1, 1999 at the age of 48.
Nuff said!

breakaway1968 said...

You had to know you were going to get lectures on not having that groinoscopy!  lol I happen to agree tho ;)   I was up by five and I thought THAT was early!  Whew I would not want to be up at 4am making dinner lol.  Glad to hear Libby is taking to her training :)  

ryanagi said...

My mom felt like you about colonoscopies.  She was a few years younger than you when I finally pestered her into having one done.  They found cancer.  She had surgery and lost a long stretch of intestines, but she's ok now.  It's not a fun test, but it sure is important!

helmswondermom said...

That is an Australian Cattle Dog, and they are so, so smart.  I used to have one named Tamsen, and she would herd my sister's ducks!  If they came out of her yard and tried to come into our yard, she'd herd them like they were sheep or cattle.  I'm glad you had your exam at your "groinacologist", but I'm going to have to fuss at you about not getting your colonoscopy.  (In a few years you can fuss at me about it, okay?)

siennastarr said...

I used to have a dog like that!  She was so smart!  We named her Callie!  She ran away one night when we had a bad thunderstorm (very, very rare in Southern California).  It scared her so badly that she jumped the fence and took off.  We never did find her.  I was devastated, to say the least.  

As far as a colonoscopy goes......I'm with you.  Leave me alone about it!


lisa41076 said...

Ugh, I hate going to the gyno, Hugs Lisa

suzypwr said...

I love my gyn - I found one who is so good I feel happier when I leave than where I get there! He has a great staff, and he is very patient and thorough and they are all kind. Rare, I know! I assume your appt went well - doesn't it feel good to know things are working as they should, lol?