Thursday, November 8, 2007

A rant

I bought this this Stanley thermos some four years ago.  It still looks like brand new, because it doesn't work!  Within two hours, the contents are lukewarm, whether they started out hot or cold.

Cliff and I love to take a picnic lunch along when we ride the motorcycle.  Chili or vegetable soup would be the ideal food on these Indian summer days.  But the stupid thermos doesn't work.

If any of you know of a brand that will work, please enlighten me.  It'll make our picnics SO much nicer.

In answer to Helen's comment:  Yes, I always put hot water in first to heat it up.



madcobug said...

That sounds as if it's not a normal thermos. Stanley used to put out good ones. Have you tried putting very hot water in it and letting it stand for several minutes then empty out and follow with your hot foods? Helen

mawmellow said...

I always thought Stanley was the top of the line !!  That certainly is frustrating.  I didn't comment earlier on the change in bikes but I'm glad that you two did what you honestly wanted !!! Life is too short to cheat yourselves out of those wonderful trips !!  

deshelestraci said...

I got one at REI which is an outdoor sports store.  I don't recall the brand but it is all silver, kind of bullet shaped.  Hubby had gotten one from his work with their logo on it and it does the same thing your Stanley does.  So he tossed the new one in favor of the old one.

tpiez4me said...

See?  I do the same thing for Miss T's lunch and she complains.  I remember when these things USED to work!

nanlynska said...

We have found thermos products that STARBUCKS sells work great ! I couldn't believe how long it kept our coffee hot.

We got one from a friend of ours that works for Starbucks. We liked it so much we went and bought another color for Bill to use to take to work. The one we got was pink....don't know why Bill wouldn't carry that one in to the office....LOL. They are a bit pricey....but they DO work.

marainey1 said...

I have a THERMOS brand but I got it years ago with glass lining.  It works all day and coffee still hot.  I guess they don't make them like they used to.  'On Ya' - ma

ryanagi said...

I was going to suggest a Thermos brand thermos too. You can't go wrong with the company that invented the term.  :-)

ladyscorp1074 said...

Stanley products are warranted to be free from any defect in workmanship or materials and to be thermally efficient provided used according to the instructions. This warrant does not cover component parts or malfunction due to alteration, misuse, or accident.
If you have any questions regarding this or any other Stanley product, please call our customer service department nearest you.
North America: 1-800-251-4535
Europe: 44 (0) 1 639 730960 / 730997
Australia: 1800 257 134
Asia: 86-21-50366350

Stanley is a registered trademark of:
Stanley, a brand of PMI

ora4uk said...

Donna...we have a thermos bottle...have had it for several years...still works is made by INVICTA....and they have a site online...but will say the one from Starbucks is good too...dau has one of those....good luck...hugs...Ora

lorinokla said...

I have a THERMOS brand and it works excellent! Ive had it for years. it's glass lined and keeps things very hot. I do not remember ever putting anything cold inside it....

anjelblaze said...

Mo I have one of those and it keeps coffee hot 24 hrs, I have another one that got  runover by a dozer at a derailment and it still keeps stuff hot. You may have a defective stopper in that one.
The glass ones are to fragile for my big mitts, LOL. I don't know if a person can even buy a replacement glass lining for those.
Oh, well keep trying, or send it back to Stanley, they maygive you a replacement thermos bottle.
Take care, sure do enjoy keepin track of y'alll and yer adventures

suzypwr said...

Write to Stanley and tell them. Maybe they can offer a solution.