Wednesday, November 7, 2007

While sitting in the orthepedist's office...

That's the Kansas City skyline as seen from my doctor's office.  Cliff and I sat there for forty-five minutes waiting for the specialist to show.  (Yes, we accompany one another to our doctor's appointments these days.)

So I was reading an outdated magazine with a title like "Arthritis Today", and Cliff was reading some magazine like Newsweek.  There was an interesting article about how Merle Haggard, a former Republican, is supporting Hillary.  He's even written her a song.  SERIOUSLY!

Hey Merle, I love you, man.  It's a good thing I don't worry about the politics of my favorite singers.  You vote your way and I'll vote mine.

If you want to read about Merle's ideas, and even get a chance to hear a clip of the song for Hillary, click HERE.  The lyrics are there, too.  Not Merle's best work, in my humble opinion.

Hey, I'm still loyal to Jerry Lee Lewis. What an ego THAT man has, and the morals of a pig.


madcobug said...

No, this is not very good singing for Merle LOL. Helen

suzypwr said...

Are pigs immoral? I hope all went well at the dr office~!