Friday, November 9, 2007

a livestock picture, and a Thermos update

I've blogged before about the neighborhood rooster who hangs out with my calves.  Yesterday I happened to see Rooster almost huddled up with the Secret and Meatloaf, and I couldn't resist taking a picture.

OK, after yesterday's entry, I did extensive research on vacuum bottles.  From what I've found, wide-mouth bottles just don't keep things hot or cold as long as regular ones, and the one I'm complaining about is wide-mouth.  It needs to be, in order to put chili or vegetable stew inside it.

I found these reviews on, which convinced me to buy Thermos brand.  Target online had the best prices; since we were out and about yesterday, I went into the Target store.  Alas, no wide-mouth containers did they have.  So this morning I went to the Target website and found what I wanted.

The  Thermos Work Series 1.25 quart bottle, which is supposed to keep temperatures decently hot or cold for twenty-four hours!  This will do for our beverage bottle.

For soup, I bought the Thermos Work Series 16-ounce food bottle.  It supposedly keeps food hot for seven hours, cold for nine.  See the difference?  I've been expecting a food bottle to work as efficiently as a beverage bottle, and obviously that doesn't happen.

By the way, I've never been a big Target shopper, but their prices were far better than everyone else's.

Thanks, everyone, for your input.

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marainey1 said...

It looks like they are all friends in the barnyard. How precious are all God's creatures.  Glad you found the thermos and with colder weather coming you'll want to have something hot, not cold for sure.

lmitc89854 said...

I have started enjoying Target too. Only problem is, their kitchen dept. is too tempting!

madcobug said...

Cute picture, seems as if the two calves doens't mind the rooster hanging around.
Glad that you found the thermos you want. To bad Target didn't carry them at the store. Hope it's a pretty weekend so you two can get and ride the cycle. Helen

fowfies said...

That is a great picture, I just love it. Glad you got the right thermos for the job, hope they work good for you.

mawmellow said...

Cute picture !! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh steak AND eggs !! LOL
Have a great day.  I hope your thermos problems are solved !!  

gen0507 said...

Oh the love the picture.  I hope your thermos problem is resolved.  I know hoe frustrating that must be.  Have a great weekend.


randlprysock said...

That is an awesome picture!!!  It's been a while since I saw a rooster.  Glad you found the bottles you were looking for at a good price!!  Hugs,

helmswondermom said...

You have a rooster who hangs out with your cattle, and Celeste has a goat and a dog that run around with her horses.  Cool!

csandhollow said...

I always found it to help if I put almost boiling water in it first to warm it up.

suzypwr said...

Maybe if you stick the Thermos into a portable cooler also? It might insulate even more. I like the soft-sided ones since they fold up pretty flat when not in use.